Yoichi Isagi (潔 世一, Isagi Yoichi?) is the primary protagonist of the Blue Lock manga.

Yoichi was a second-year student and previously played as a forward for the Ichinan High School football team. He is currently ranked #15 out of the original 300 forwards chosen to be part of the Blue Lock Project.


Yoichi is a fairly tall teenager with an average build. He has short black hair that leaves a V-shaped fringe in between his dark blue eyes.

While attending Ichinan High School, he wore an unbuttoned blazer over a white undershirt and striped tie. Both the Ichinan High jersey and gym uniform are light-colored with black stripes.

At Blue Lock, Yoichi wears the standard-issued body suit (black with gray stripes) and tracksuit. During the First Selection, he wore Team Z’s blue #11 jersey, and during Second Selection, wore Team White’s #15 jersey that later switched to red during the Third Selection. He wears Team Z's gray-capped cleats. Occasionally he can be seen on covers wearing Japan’s national team jersey.


Yoichi is easy-going and has a generally friendly, cheery personality, but his simple and innocent habits often get on the nerves of the people around him. He tends to avoid any childish squabbles among other Blue Lock competitors.

However on the field, Yoichi becomes cold and ruthless, willing to devour the dreams of his opponents and teammates in order to score a goal. When it comes to football, he is ambitious and calculated, willing to change and adapt, not only to get the right “chemical reactions” out of his teammates, but also to stay a step ahead of their opponents.


As of Chapter 3:

Running Time at 20km/h: 42:13

Jumping Reach: 60 cm from waist below


  • Spatial Awareness: Yoichi instinctually begins to analyze the entire field, giving him a vast understanding of the game, including his opponents and teammates’ weapons. His premonitions then allow him to envision an ideal play mid-game.
    • Goal Scent: using the “Spatial Awareness” technique, Yoichi instinctively recognizes the “scent of a goal” that is emitted off of key players from his prediction.
    • Blind Spots: a term used to describe the area that is not in the direct sight of a player. By situating himself where an opponent couldn’t see him, they are left vulnerable to a surprise attack.
    • Off the Ball: a term used to describe the moments where players are not in possession of the ball. Yoichi may use these moments to position himself in his opponents’ blind spots.
  • Direct Shot: Yoichi first assesses the positions of defenders and the trajectory of the ball, then lands a powerful kick on the ball's impact point in order to score a clean goal.


All trivia comes from the "1 Question, 1 Answer" tweets posted on the official Blue Lock Twitter account[1].

  • His favorite season is autumn.
  • He likes kintsuba.
  • His favorite animal is lobster.
  • He is good at physical education and art. His weakest subjects are math and science.
  • His hometown is Saitama.
  • His foot size is 27 cm.
  • His jumping height is 61 cm.
  • His favorite color is light blue.
  • He started playing soccer at the age of 4.


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