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You know, reflecting and analyzing your own plays like this is a really important thing for you to do right now, Isagi-Kun.
— Hiori to Isagi, [1]

Yo Hiori (よひお, Hiori Yo) is a supporting character of the Blue Lock (Manga).

Out of the 300 forwards chosen for the Blue Lock Project, Hiori is ranked #27 and is currently a substitute player as a sideback for the Blue Lock Eleven against the Japan U-20.


He has choppy cyan hair that falls down his face and has soft feminine facial features similar to Chigiri. His hair is neatly combed to sides with a longer strand of hair falling on the one of the sides.

At Blue Lock, Hiori wears the standard-issued body suit (black with gray stripes) and tracksuit. During Second Selection, he wore Team Red's #27 jersey. During Third Selection, he wore Team A's black #27 jersey. During the match against the Japan U-20, Hiroi dons an official blue colored Blue Lock player uniform with the #16.


Hiori was shown to be polite. He is very friendly towards Isagi and Nanase, providing useful information after their match, as well as giving Isagi advice during the game.

He is also very insightful, being able to break down complex subjects into more casual examples, as well as provide useful hints and tips on how to perform better.

It is implied that Hiori is a very level-headed person and player. He suggested that he plays consistently, which can be seen in how he is able to make quick and accurate passes in high pressure situations, without faltering. Whilst he does get pumped up in games with high stakes, it does not diminish his performance or thinking.

It is also very likely that Hiori is a gamer, as he was able to relate his understanding of soccer through the example of tile-matching video games.



  • Playmaker: A player who controls the flow of the team's offensive play, and is often involved in passing moves which lead to goals, through their vision, technique, ball control, creativity, and passing ability.

Hiori's strong suit is his cool-headed vision and ball control, which enables him to become the anchor of a team's offensive line up. Isagi referred to him as a 'Technician of "Stillness"', since he is able to calmly line up other players for a perfect pass.


Physical Ability

Key Passing: Hiori is a very talented passer, being able to not only make calm and accurate passes, but also read the situation of the whole field in order to make the correct pass. Isagi noted that his passing was both calm and precise, and Sendo compared the speed and curvature of his passes to Sae Itoshi's, a professional level passer. Hiori was able to replicate Isagi's one-two passes with Rin, as well as instantly adapt to Rin's tempo using this skill. Hiori has also shown he can make fast passes with his weaker, right foot, as well as fast and precise passes with the outside of his left.

  • Crossing: Hiori is able to whip in fast and accurate crosses from the wing position.
  • Rabona: A technique where a player kicks the ball, with their kicking leg crossed behind their standing leg. Hiori can perform a rabona in a 1v1, using this against Chigiri to gain space for a cross.


  • The name Yo means "four, evening and night."
  • Yo's surname Hiori means "harmony, peace and soften."


  • (To Isagi) He (Karasu) uses his sharp analytical ability to single out the weak-link players in the opposing team and then spends the rest of the match thoroughly crushing them. Looks like he set his sights on you, Isagi-kun. [2]
  • (To Isagi) We've known each other since before coming to Blue Lock... Since we were in the same youth team in Kansai. Well, there's only one thing I can tell you. Give up on hiding your weakness from him (Karasu). Instead, you gotta fight by using your strengths. [3]
  • (To Isagi) I'm a huge gamer myself. You know those tile-matching games (Tetris and Puyo Puyo)? In those games, you start out slow, so you have time to plan your moves, right? But by the end, they're way too fast, so you don't have the time to think about it, right? [4]
  • (To Isagi) The best gamers can process that information at high speed, and are able to press the buttons to the best course of action by reflex. That can also be applied to football. [5]


  • His hometown is Kyoto.
  • Hiori speaks with a dialect and has a Kansai accent.
  • He helped Isagi awaken while playing.
  • He is a huge gamer.
  • He forms a trio with Nanase and Isagi.
  • Hiori is good at passing.
  • He thinks his biggest strength is to see the bigger picture.
  • He always buys yakult in the convenient store.
  • His least favorite subject is PE (because he already plays soccer he thinks its pointless to have PE)


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