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My greatest weapon would be my jumping power
— Kuon to Team Z, [1]

Wataru Kuon (久遠 渡, Kuon Wataru?) is a supporting character of the Blue Lock (Manga).

When first arriving at Blue Lock he was member of Team Z, being its main strategist, until he betrayed the team in the middle of the First Selection in interest of his own singular survival. He later was a factor in Team Z winning the last game of the Selection when he threw away his self interest in favor of his team when he saw how amazing they were against the strongest team in the stratum.


Kuon is fairly tall, measuring in at around 6 foot 1 inches, and has dark brown hair that is around his chin's length. He is usually seen smiling.


At the beginning of First Selection, Kuon is the main brain of Team Z and helps organize them and create many strategies due to his experience in starting a football club at his high school. When he genuinely cares, Kuon puts a 100% effort into football but when he is thinking only of himself he only puts in as much effort as it takes to get the information he needs so he can use it to his advantage and move in. His genuinely nice personality fooled Team Z for most of a game before someone realized Kuon had betrayed them.



  • Goal Poacher

Goal poachers are forwards who wait in the six-yard box or the penalty area for a cross, pass or loose ball and pounce to try to score a goal. Their "poaching" refers to the fact that they will often score a goal out of the slightest of opportunities i.e. steal a goal. Goal poachers usually play as centre forwards or second strikers.


  • Vertical Jump

Kuon has an amazing vertical jumping ability which is 68 cm. This allows him to finish nicely with amazing headers.

  • Strategic Mind

Kuon was Team Z’s primary strategist and led a quite uncoordinated team to function-able levels. He has good leadership skills which allow others to trust him.


  • The surname Kuon means "eternity and distant."
  • Kuon's first name, Wataru means "navigate and cross over."



  • He started playing soccer at the age of 6 years old.
  • He doesn't like energy drinks.
  • He sleeps around 7 hours.
  • His hometown is Yamaguchi Prefecture.
  • His favorite soccer player is Edinson Cavani.
  • His favorite movie is "ALWAYS: Sunset on Third Street".
  • His favorite animal is a camel.
  • His favorite foods are okra, mozuku with yam, and natto.


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