Wataru Kuon (久遠 渡, Kuon Wataru?) is a member of Team Z


Kuon is fairly tall, measuring in at around 6 foot 1 inches, and has dark brown hair that is around his chin's length.



  • Vertical Jump - Kuon has an amazing vertical jumping ability which is 68 cm



Yoichi Isagi

Isagi had a great amount of respect Kuon due to his insane jumping ability and overall endurance. Kuon was also the first person to look out for Isagi, which he appreciated. Despite his betrayal, Isagi did not feel any resentment for Kuon, as he still went out of his way to talk to Kuon even after the entire team was giving him the silent treatment. In the end, it was Isagi who caused Kuon to tackle Seishiro Nagi since Isagi made Kuon realize that Team Z could have a fighting chance at surviving Blue Lock. Right now, Isagi and Kuon seem to be on good terms.

Jingo Raichi 

Raichi and Kuon had a pretty neutral relationship. Kuon looked out for all of his team members, including Raichi, and he was usually the person who would calm Raichi down whenever he got heated. After learning about his betrayal, Raichi quickly fostered a great amount of hostility towards Kuon. This hostility eventually dissipated once Kuon regained the team's trust by tackling Seishiro Nagi and getting a red card so that Team Z would have extra time to score the winning goal. Right now, Kuon and Raichi seem to be on good terms. 


  • His hometown is Yamaguchi Prefecture.
  • He started playing soccer at the age of 6 years old.
  • His favorite soccer player is Edinson Cavani.
  • His favorite movie is "ALWAYS: Sunset on Third Street".
  • His favorite animal is a camel.
  • His favorite foods are okra, mozuku with yam, and natto.
  • He doesn't like energy drinks.
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