Volume 8 is the eighth volume of the Blue Lock manga.

Volume Illustration

The eighth volume features Reo Mikage on the cover.

List of Chapters

  • Chapter 059: Tri Session (三者融合(トライ・セッション), Sansha Yūgō ( Torai Sesshon ))
  • Chapter 060: Field Vision (戦場視界(フィールド・ビジョン), Senjō Shikai ( Fīrudo Bijon ))
  • Chapter 061: Make Use Of (生かす, Ikasu)
  • Chapter 062: Clumsy (ヘタクソ, Hetakuso)
  • Chapter 063: Buried Ego(埋もれる人間, Uzumoreru Ningen)
  • Chapter 064: The Stage(主役の座, Shuyaku no Za)
  • Chapter 065: A Prank Of Fate(運命の悪戯, Unmei no Itazura)
  • Chapter 066: The Crossroads Of A Loser(敗北者の岐路, Haibokusha no Kiro)
  • Chapter 067: The Talent To Despair(絶望の才能, Zetsubō no Sainō)


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