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Third Selection: Tryout (サードセレクショントライアウト)- is the third selection of the Blue Lock Project.


Each team of five that cleared the Second Selection starts by playing a match against five of the World's Best. Winning the game is not a necessity, only participation because the match is only meant to assess the final round of strikers. Once finished with the match, the cleared teams go through language education while waiting for every team to finish.

The remaining 35 strikers are then rounded up together and Jinpachi Ego officially announces the top 6 players in Blue Lock. The Top 6 players are then paired up and broken into 3 teams; Team A, Team B, and Team C. The rest of the 29 strikers must then decide who's team they will play on in order to showcase and prove their skills in an attempt to be chosen for the Blue Lock Eleven and get to play against the Japan U-20. Each player only has one game to prove themselves but due to the odd number of players left someone has the chance to prove their skills in two games; that honor goes to the Top 7th player in Blue Lock.

There are 5 matches in this selection and every pair of the Top 6 plays at least 3 games but due to the odd number of players, the pair of Team A must play 4 games. Once the matches are over, the players are to wait for the results and see who is playing on the Blue Lock Eleven.

Once the Blue Lock Eleven are chosen, the entirety of Blue Lock goes through a special supplemental instruction on Flow State and then begin practicing in preparation for the match against the U-20. Even if some players did not make the starting lineup, they still have a chance to make the team by proving themselves in practice.

Only those who show they can "coexist and assert" themselves within the Top 6 will have a chance at being chosen for the Blue Lock Eleven.


Third Selection
Team A Team B Team C Result
A1: Isagi, Hiori, Nanase B1: Chigiri, Saramadara, Shiguma - 5 - 4 (Team A wins)
A2: Igaguri, Aryu, Ishikari - C1: Reo, Gagamaru, Tanaka 5 - 3 (Team A wins)
- B2: Baro, Niko, Raichi C2: Wanima, Keki, Himizu 5 - 3 (Team B wins)
A3: Bachira, Nishioka, Haichi B3: Yuzu, Sokura, Hiiragi - 5 - 2 (Team A wins)
A4: Aoshi, Seira, Kurona - C3: Bachira, Zantetsu, Sadouji 5 - 4 (Team A wins)


Starting Lineup

Rin Itoshi.png Gin Gagamaru.png Ikki Niko.png Jyubei Aryu.png
Itoshi Rin
Center Forward
Gin Gagamaru
Ikki Niko
Jyubei Aryu
Hyoma Chigiri.png Meguru Bachira.png Tabito Karasu.png Eita Otoya.png
Hyoma Chigiri
Right Back
Meguru Bachira
Left Back
Tabito Karasu
Defensive Midfielder
Eita Otoya
Right Wing/ Right Back
Kenyu Yukimiya.png Seishiro Nagi.png Yoichi Isagi.png
Kenyu Yukimiya
Left Wing
Seishiro Nagi
Offensive Midfielder
Yoichi Isagi
Offensive Midfielder

Substitute Players

Shōei Barō.png Yo Hiori.png Reo Mikage.png
Shoei Baro
Right Wing
Yo Hiori
Right Wing/ Right Back
Reo Mikage

Benched Players

Jingo Raichi.png Aoshi Tokimitsu.png Kurona.png Nijiro Nanase.png Seira.png
Raichi Jingo Tokimitsu Aoshi Kurona Nanase Nijiro Seira
Hiiragi.png Yukio Ishikari.png Zantetsu Tsurugi.png Gurimu Igarashi.png
Hiiragi Yukio Ishikari Tsurugi Zantetsu Igarashi Gurimu