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Team Z (チームZ, Chīmu Z?) was the lowest ranking team among the 5 stratums in Blue Lock and was made up of the 11 lowest ranking players at the start of Blue Lock.


Even though this Team Z was regarded as the lowest ranking team in Blue Lock at the start, they were far from the weakest. In the First Selection, Team Z managed to survive the selection by not only winning enough games to come in second place but by growing as individual strikers and as a team, resulting in their win against the unbeatable Team V.

This Team Z is the only known original team to have half its members make it to Third Selection and Team Z occupies the most spots on the Blue Lock Eleven team, with 4 of its members on the starting lineup and 2 of its members on the bench.


List of Matches

  • Team Z vs. Team X (1-5) [Loss]
  • Team Z vs. Team Y (2-1) [Win]
  • Team Z vs. Team W (4-4) [Draw]
  • Team Z vs. Team V (5-4) [Win]

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