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Team Red (チームレッド) Chīmureddo is one of the two teams Blue Lock participants can play on in the Second Selection to advance further.

When first starting the Second Selection, which team you are on is completely random but as you play games in Second Selection, depending on whether or not you win, will determine if you stay on your predesignated team.


Team Red member uniforms consist of a dark red jersey and shorts with black stripes going down them with the jersey number being the rank of the player and the Blue Lock insignia being at the top of the jersey near the collar.


List of Matches

  • Team White vs. Team Red 2-5; (Rin, Aryu, Aoshi) [Win]
  • Team White vs. Team Red 5-4; (Baro, Naruhaya) [Loss]
  • Team White vs. Team Red 5-4; (Kunigami, Chigiri, Reo) [Loss]
  • Team White vs. Team Red 4-5; (Rin, Aryu, Aoshi, Bachira) [Win]