Seishiro Nagi (凪 誠士郎, Nagi Seishirō) is part of Team V.


On the cover of Volume 5, Nagi is shown to have white hair and teal-colored eyes. Nothing else has been shown or confirmed.

Volume 05.png


Nagi skipping practice to play games.

Nagi does not like to work hard, and if he does, to him it's considered annoying. He is first shown as indifferent to playing soccer or becoming the best striker, and would rather play games and skip training.

However, after playing in the match against Team Z, he is shown to take the initiative and try to score goals on his own when close friend, Reo Mikage, seems to be at a loss against the opposing team. He probably cares for his friends & wants to help any way he can.


Reo gives Nagi a piggyback ride to leave.

Nagi is introduced the day before the match between Team V vs. Team Z. He is sitting, slumped over a lunch table, with his teammate and close friend, Reo Mikage, and another teammate Zantetsu Tsurugi. Wataru Kuon, a player of Team Z, is on the other side of the table and is trying to convince the three to let him be on their side against Team Z. However, Nagi refuses (along with Reo and Zantetsu), because it's "a bother".


  • Reo Mikage


  • He is an only child.
  • His favorite manga is Bonobono.
  • His favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
  • His hometown is in Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • His favorite color is gray.
  • He likes to play games.
  • He does not like to work hard.
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