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If you can't break others, how can you possibly react with an explosion?
— Ryusei

Ryusei Shidou ( () (どう) (りゅう) (せい) Shidō Ryūsei?)is a supporting character of the Blue Lock (Manga).

He is currently ranked #2 out of the original 300 forwards chosen to be a part of the Blue Lock Project.

Ryusei is an ideal candidate for the type of striker Ego strives to create but due to his outlandish behavior and consistent need to cause physical harm he has been sidelined by the Blue Lock Eleven but at the last second was picked up by Sae Itoshi to play with the Japan U-20.


Ryusei is a tall, tanned young man with spiky blonde hair having two strands falling on both sides of his face. He has pink colored irises with white slited pupils in them like a cat, and he is of similar height and body build to Rin Itoshi. He is very expressive and is often seen with a joker-like grin or smirk.

During the second half of the Japan U-20 match, Ryusei dons the #13 U-20 jersey with a black shirt under it and shorts.


Ryusei Shidou is another eccentric player in Blue Lock who has a strong penchant for violence or more specifically physical altercations. At the core of Shiodu's personality is a drive to play football not because it is a sport he enjoys playing but because to him it is a biological phenomenon that makes him feel complete. Accroding to Shidou, everybody wants to pass on their genes and leave their mark on the world. Scoring goals is Shidou's way of doing that and it is his sole focus. He gets excited from playing high level football with other high level players and is bored if people cannot make him "explode" or don't "explode" themselves.

He can be considered a polar opposite of Rin Itoshi, being completely self sufficient and instinctive in his football. A noticeable trait of Shidou's is his propensity for violence to get what he wants often being unwilling to work with most people (if anybody at all). He seems completely aware and content with the toxicity of his behavior and only feels slight remorse about it once he is electrocuted and locked up for being overly aggressive and threatening serious bodily injury onto others.

He seems to get over such feelings when he is released from his behavioral captivity by Sae Itoshi who asks him to join him in playing high level football and is cleared to act however he wants as long as it's for Sae's sake. When released from Blue Lock under Sae's supervision he seems to be even more openly violent and causes frequent quarrels with the members of the Japan U-20 specifically their ace player, Shuto Sendo, who initially doesn't respect Sae.

Though he is prone to violence, Shidou is able and willing to acknowledge other people's skills, praising Isagi for making the "best play" of the first game of the Third Selection (when Rin wouldn't) despite Isagi stealing a goal from him.



  • Goal Poacher: Goal poachers are forwards who wait in the six-yard box or the penalty area for a cross, pass or loose ball and pounce to try to score a goal. The "poaching" refers to the fact that they will often score a goal out of the slightest of opportunities i.e. steal a goal. Goal poachers usually play as centre forwards or second strikers.

Shidou's uncanny ability to be able to find the goal from anywhere in the penalty area, even without looking, is a testament to his skill as a poacher. He is an expert at producing goals out of nothing.


Physical Ability

Superior Football Technique: Shidou is one of two players in Blue Lock who have top tier stats, along with Itoshi Rin. During the Third Selection, he scored an average 2 goals a game, the highest of any player besides Rin. His physical dominance, ball control, power, and kick accuracy are only rivalled by a handful of players. Though Rin can be described similarly, what separates the two is Shidou's confidence in scoring goals alone, even causing a physical altercation if his experience of the game is hampered in any way, whilst Rin combines with his environment to score. Shidou's skill and ego are so advanced that he was recognized by Sae, a genius of the professional world, and asked to join him on the Japan U-20 team. With Sae's guidance, Shidou is able to evolve his level of play to new heights, scoring outrageous goals and forming a deadly duo that the Blue Lock Eleven struggled to deal with.

Extreme Spatial Awareness: Shidou's main ability is his extreme spatial perception. As opposed to other types of spatial awareness, that take into account player's positions and weapons, Shidou's spatial awareness is geared towards the goal at all times. This is the key to his perfect scoring ability within the penalty area, since Shidou is able to "see" the goal whenever he is in the penalty area, even without physically facing it. In addition to this, when he is in flow, Shidou is able to perceive he location of the goal even outside the range of the penalty area.

Dominant Physicality: Shidou is physically the strongest and most dominant player in Blue Lock. His physical strength alone is enough to nearly crush Gurimu Igarashi's skull and kick back Rensuke Kunigami, another physically dominant player. Shidou is able to circumvent his opponent's defense, constantly leveraging his superior physical ability over them by breaking past them in an off the ball fight with his movements, using his body and theirs to create momentum to break past them, or by jumping over them altogether.

  • Aggressive Dribble: Shidou uses his physical strength to move across the field erratically, either with the ball at his feet or without it. These movements can confuse even his teammates, along with his opponents.

Reflex: Shidou is able to reflexively take into account his position and his opponent's, to leverage his weapons for an ideal shot. His reflexes and speed grant him the ability to get to any point on the field faster than others could and his natural ability to use all of his body parts optimally allows for him to perform incredible physical feats that are uncommon even to those at Blue Lock. He has shown this multiple times, but most notably when he scored a goal in the Japan National Representative match, instantly reacting to Sae's high-speed pass. It is Shidou's unrivalled instincts that make him such a potent scorer in and around the penalty area, establishing him as one of the most dangerous strikers in Blue Lock.

Drive Shot: An accurate and powerful shot that is usually used from range, serving as Shidou's main method of scoring. Shidou is able to perform a drive shot from a multitude of positions, whether it is unfavourable or not. Shidou is able to avoid having to reset his positioning by using his superior physique and immense reflex to make the Drive Shot.

  • Bicycle Kick: An acrobatic strike where a player kicks an airborne ball rearward in mid-air. Bicycle kicks can be used defensively to clear away the ball from the goalmouth or offensively to strike at the opponent's goal in an attempt to score. Shidou firsts performs this move in his debut match against Kunigami and Reo and scores an effortless goal on Kunigami, breaking down his defense completely.
  • No-Look Goal: A skill that few strikers in the world can pull off; Shidou jumps for the ball while turned away from goal and instinctively takes a shot without looking. This shot is incredibly fast and unpredictable, making it hard to react to.
  • High-Spin Drive Shot: When receiving the ball with his back to goal, Shidou backs into an opponent and uses his physical strength to hold them in place, using their body weight to rotate on the spot and rising into an incredibly quick shooting motion.
  • Dragon Drive: A shot made possible when combining his extreme reflexes with Sae's. While running at top speed, Shidou leaps around an opposing defender and executes a jumping volley while using his signature kick, the Drive Shot. This shot was powerful and fast enough to score from outside the penalty area with little reaction from the other players on the field.

Flow State: Flow, as described by Ego, is the state of "total immersion" or "being in the zone". It is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Ryusei entered Flow in the middle of the Japan U-20 match, being inspired by the passes he received from Itoshi Sae and being pressured by the Blue Lock Eleven defense. This lead to him pushing his physical and perceptive abilities to their extremes and scoring a super goal.

  • Big Bang Drive: When he enters the 'flow', Shidou is able to push his spatial awareness past its limit, 'feeling' the location of the goal and performing a long range bicycle kick, which lands directly in the goal. He used this to score directly from a clearance without having to reset his positioning in the U-20 match.


All trivia comes from the "1 Question, 1 Answer" tweets posted on the official Blue Lock Twitter account[4].

  • His birthplace is from Tokyo, Japan.[5]
  • His favorite manga is Chainsaw Man.[6]
  • His favourite soccer player is Zlatan Ibrahimović.[7]
  • His favorite music artist is Hide.[8]
  • If he impulsively bought something from a convenience store, it would be a Baby Star ramen.
  • His favorite food is yukhoe.[9]


  • His given name, Ryusei ( (りゅう) (せい) ?) means "shooting star".
    • Ryuu ( (りゅう) ?) means "dragon", which can be where the name of his skill "Dragon Drive" comes from.
    • Sei ( (せい) ?) on the other hand means "sacred; holy; divine", which could be a contrast to how characters refer to Shidou as a "demon".
  • Ryusei's surname Shidou ( () (どう) ?) means "guidance, leadership and direction."


  • (To Igarashi, Chapter 88) Anyone who can't keep up with my explosions, can just die. [10]
  • (To Kunigami, Chapter 89) What's the word that again? 'Sportsmanship' whatever you call that outdated kumbaya-loving bullshit? You see, to me, football is not just fun and games. It's the very act of living an explosion of life, you could say. Let's have at it, hero. You won't find anyone as fair or as in love with football as me, you know? [11]


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