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Aren't I Japan's 'National Treasure'? Huh?! So why the hell don't you expel Igaguri or Isagi instead?! Huh?!
— Ryosuke Kira revealing his hidden ego[1]

Ryosuke Kira ( () () (りょう) (すけ) Kira Ryōsuke?) is a young forward who plays for Matsukaze Kokuō High School football team. He was invited to participate in the Blue Lock Project, alongside Yoichi Isagi.


Kira has white hair and brown eyes. He is fairly tall and muscular and is considered to be a very good-looking young man.


Kira is shown to be a kind-hearted individual who is a firm believer in team play as he went against Jinpachi Ego's beliefs in egoism, up to the point that it even clouds his perspective, such as choosing supporting his teammates during the nationals over becoming the best striker in the world. He is shown to be quite delusional and in denial of the truth about how Japanese Football has become weak due to its lack of egoism, even after Ego pointed out excellent valid points when he compared Japan's international players to history's best players or how Japan has always failed to win even a single World Cup. Going as far as entering Blue Lock in order to prove Ego wrong cost him, as he was more focused on proving a point than on winning.

Despite his good yet naive nature, he possesses a twisted narcissistic side, as shown when he understandably snapped after losing in the Admission Exam and was virtually volatile on the fact that his soccer career came to an early, abrupt end, ranting on how he's the most skilled player despite having lost, blaming his fellow competitors like Isagi or Meguru Bachira for his own failings, and emphasizing how truly incapable he is of even acknowledging his own deficiencies and weaknesses, even after they were clearly highlighted to him.



  • Forwards: also known as strikers, have the main objective of scoring goals. They are often the players who get the most attention since their role is designed to be in a scoring position. They also take part in penalty kicks and corner kicks when the opposing team kicks the ball out-of-bounds. They are normally the players in charge of starting off the game at the start and halftime.

    Though his skills have hardly been shown, he was considered to be one of Japan's best soccer players given how he was being recruited to join Japan's U-18 Team, despite having relied on his team in his known matches. Ego himself considers Kira's skills to be remarkably mediocre at best, especially when compared to egoist players (true strikers). According to Ego, Kira's greatest flaw is his "defeatism," as he could have survived the Admission Exam had he fought to the last second. Unlike his fellow competitors, Kira was severely lacking in terms of egoism, which also led to his unfitness as a striker and the end of his soccer career. Ultimately, Kira served as a prime example of how weak Japanese football had become due to its lack of egoism.


  • His given name, Ryosuke ( (りょう) (すけ) ?), means "cool shellfish."
  • His surname, Kira ( () () ?), means "good and skilled," referring to his football background.
    • Phonetically, it can also refer to Kirakira (キラキラ?), meaning "glittering, sparkling, glistening," further referring to his football background.


  • (To Japan) "Well, right now, I've got my sights set on winning the Nationals with this team, but I would like to say one thing: the reason for all my success is from having a capable team behind me that I can depend on."[4]
  • (To Isagi) "Hey, no need to be so polite! We're in the same year, right? So let's act like it, Yoichi!"[4]
  • (To Isagi) "I'm only here so I can reject that guy's (Ego) rotten ideology."[4]
  • (To Ego) "Hey! Sorry but I can't agree with what you said just now. For most of us, our team is our main priority, particularly those of us who'll participate at nationals. There's no way I can accept those kinds of terms. I will not throw away my own team."[4]
  • (To Team Z and Ego) "Do you think you'll win the World Cup with this dumb shit?! With these stupid games..."[1]


  • The majority of this information is from the official Egoist Bible.
    • He was for a time, referred to as Japan's "National's Treasure" in the series, though this most likely came to an end with the worldwide debut of the evolved Blue Lock players during the U-20 Arc.
    • Kira received about a thousand Valentine's Day chocolates last year.
  • He and Ryo Nameoka were among the first 25 players to leave Blue Lock.
  • Kira ranked 14th in the first popularity poll with 249 votes.


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