Rensuke Kunigami (國神 錬介, Kunigami Rensuke)

"A hot-blooded forward who'll pay no heed to anyone who mocks his dream of becoming a football superhero. The power shot from his left leg is his weapon." (chapter 14)


His hair and eyes are orange in his official art.


Kunigami is very serious about his football career and training; he's always the first in the training room in the morning and the last to leave at night.



Kunigami thanked Isagi after their first match for passing to him with a steak.

These two tend to get in arguments, but it's always Kunigami who restrains Raichi when he tries to start a fight with someone else.


According to the One Character-One question segment:

  • His favorite food is seawood soup. He dislikes cereal.
  • His weakest subject in school is Classics.
  • His favorite animal is a polar bear.
  • He has an older sister and a younger sister.
  • He is originally from Akita.
  • He mentioned that his weakness is his inability to handle compliments and unfriendliness.
  • The last time he cried was when he was watching E.T.
  • His hobbies include running at the beach and muscle training.
  • His favorite soccer players are Didier Drogba and Olivier Giroud.
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