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Noel Noa (ノエル・ノア, Noeru Noa) is a supporting character of the Blue Lock (Manga).

He is a 31-year old forward from France who plays on France's Nation Team and on Germany's Bastard München. Noa is known as the best striker in the world and he is Yoichi Isagi's idol.

He is initially introduced at the beginning of the series but he officially makes his debut in the Neo Egoist League when he comes to Blue Lock as the master striker/coach of the Germany Stratum.


Noa is a very calm but serious person who speaks very clearly and candidly while still maintaining his manners. He is described by fellow football colleagues as a cyborg because of his very serious and non expressive demeanor. He does not like when his players try to act superior to others and regards it as childish. Noa admits that he does not take into consideration intangible factors like impressions or emotion but only a player's numbers and the results that come from those numbers when picking his team but if he is inclined to play a player due to their popularity and any contracts he is beholden to then he will forsake his earlier judgement.

Having grown up poor in the slums of France, Noa has taken his football very seriously from a young age because it was the only way for him to change his life.

Just because Noa is not open does not mean he is not willing to properly advise and teach his players especially when they ask him for help as seen with Isagi.


  • Complete Forward: Complete Forwards are strikers with great technical ability, clinical finishing and physical strength, enabling them to fulfill multiple roles. They can link up with and play in others, fashion chances for themselves, finish off team moves and hold up the ball. These players are often best given the freedom to play as they wish, without rigid tactical instruction, as their versatility allows them to be fluid on the pitch.

With a supreme and well balanced physicality as a base and the skill that comes from being completely ambidextrous, Noa is a player that has unlimited options. He can act as a starter for any play, connect with his teammates, and finish off plays with little difficulty even when faced against players on par with his skill. He is known as the best striker in the world due to his unlimited options and his hyper efficient style of play.

Ambidexterity: Noa is completely and evenly ambidextrous with his feet allowing him to dribble, trap, pass, feint, and shoot the ball with either foot at any angle with the same level of power and accuracy on either side.

All Powerful Shot: With Noa's ambidexterity and his top tier physicality, Noa is able to make any kind of shot with either foot being able to constantly feint while switching feet and finish a play with a shot that does not lose power or accuracy from using both feet in tandem.


(To Isagi, Chapter 158) You cannot "not know" something about your own plans. Visualize an ideal situation that you can explain and verbalize completely. "Not knowing" means there is wishful thinking in your thought process, which is merely noise. And that lack of logic can destroy any plan.

(To Bastard München, Chapter 163) The opposite of a chance is a "pinch". If you miss the chance that is in front of you, you will fall into a pinch equal to that missed opportunity. The risk and return is equal. Understand that principle of that unwavering world.



  • Noa grew up very poor.


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