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If I'm being honest, Rin-Kun and Shidou-Kun are too genius for me, so I can't tell what they're tryin' to do at all!
— Nanase, [1]

Nijiro Nanase (七星 虹郎, Nanase Nijirō) is a supporting character of the Blue Lock (Manga).

Out of the 300 forwards chosen for the Blue Lock Project, Nanase is ranked #99 and is currently a substitute player for the Blue Lock Eleven against the Japan U-20.


Nanase is a tall teenager with an average muscular physique. When participating in a match, Nanase wears a hair band which has a Blue Lock logo on it. During Third Selection arc tryout, Nijiro wore Team A's #99 jersey. He was teammates with Rin, Shidou, Isage and Hiori.


A friendly and polite individual. Nanase upon his introduction in the series was able to form a strong rapport with Isagi and Hiori. Nanase is a player who speaks in a Kansai dialect and he is from the countryside of that region.



  • The name Nijiro means "rainbow-colored."
  • Nijiro's surname Nanase means (七) "seven" (星) "star, spot or dot."


  • (To Isagi) I'm Nanase. A first-year. Then you're my senpai, Isagi-san! I am gonna do my bestest to not bring you down, Okay?! [2]
  • (To Isagi) Well, to be honest, I could only really catch up to ya, Isagi-san. Sorry if this sounds rude, but... Rin-kun and Shidou-san's movements felt like they were in a different dimension. So I couldn't figure them out. But in your case, I felt like I could understand a bit what you were going for. [3]


  • His favorite manga is Slam Dunk.


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