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Neo Egotist League (ネオエゴイストリーグ) is the final selection of the Blue Lock Project before the World Cup starts.


After Blue Lock obtained victory in the Japan U-20 match that was viewed by Japan and the world at large, Jinpachi Ego was given complete reign over the Japan National Team and many interested investors came forward wishing to put bet their money on the Blue Lock Project and its potential. With complete control and more resources Ego decided to not only further train his players in preparation for the World Cup but also make the training a massive entertainment project that would involve and be viewed by the world.

Ego invited all Blue Lock players who made it to the Third Selection along with the regulars from the old Japan U-20 and made them decide on a country train in. So the players could be able to combat "the world" in the upcoming World Cup, Ego decided to change the environment of Blue Lock so that it emulates the football scene in Europe's Top 5 Leagues, France, Germany, England, Italy, and Spain. The players must decide on a country to train in based on preference and what they wish to gain out of the training. Ego reveals that no matter where they go, this selection will inevitably change all the player's lives, either for better or for worse.

When the players pick their country they will be separated into stratums based on that country and will get to train with the U-20 level players of the best club team in those respective countries and the master striker that reigns over that team and country. After initial training, a team of 11 made up of whoever gets picked as a regular by the master striker from the club team or Blue Lock will play in a Round Robin tournament that will pit Blue Lock rivals and world class players against each other in short but highly dynamic games. After the tourney is over, only the top players from the tourney will be picked as regulars for Japan's U-20 team for the World Cup.

Only the players who can show "uniqueness" and bring value to a team that already stands at the peak of the football world will be chosen to play in the World Cup.


Neo Egoist League
Bastard München FC Barcha Manshine City Ubers P*X*G Results
Bastard München: Isagi, Kunigami FC Barcha: Bachira, Otoya - - - 3 - 2 (Bastard München)
- - - Ubers: Aiku, Aryu P*X*G: Rin, Shidou 3 - 2 (P*X*G)
Bastard München: Isagi, Kunigami, Yukimiya, Gagamaru, Kurona - Manshine City: Nagi, Chigiri, Reo - - -