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Michael Kaiser (ミヒャエル カイザー, Mihyaeru Kaizā) acts as an antagonist in the Blue Lock (Manga).

Kaiser is a prodigy forward from Germany who is a member of the Men's World 11 and is the main striker and ace for Bastard München during the Neo Egoist League.


Kaiser is an average sized young man with a blonde hair mullet with blue streaks at the end of his hair. Kaiser also has blue rose tattoos on his neck and his left arm. He is normally seen wearing his red and black with gold stripes Bastard München uniform with black and gold striped socks and sneakers.


Kaiser is shown as an arrogant young man who has a superiority complex. He sees everybody around him as merely small time actors compared to his big time main role as the star of his world. Though he is arrogant and slyly rude to people he sees as beneath him he is not unnecessarily rude to his teammates but will put them in their place when they unnecessarily speak out even if it's for his sake. Even though Kaiser is arrogant and rude he knows when to control himself around people who are definitively better and superior to him such as his team leader and the best striker in the world Noel Noa.


  • Clinical Finisher: Clinical finishers are forwards that specialize in their accurate shooting ability. They are "clinical" in that they need few opportunities to score a goal being able to strike and place the ball exactly where it will beat the goalkeeper. They can be identified by their high goal to shots ratio. Clinical strikers usually play as centre forwards though other attacking players can often be said to be clinical finishers.

With the fastest kick swing in the world and a powerful shot, Kaiser is the lone scorer for Bastard München. Kaiser is easily able to get into an ideal scoring position, receive any kind of pass, and create space for himself when pressured by the opposition to score effortless goals.


Professional Football Technique: Kaiser is regarded as a genius player in the professional world of football. He plays football for one of the best teams in the world as the main striker. His skills are highly respected by teammates, opposing teams, club owners, investors, and even the best striker in the world. His skill and technique is so high level that his team's style of play and philosophy revolve around him and his style of play.

Off the Ball Movements: A term used to describe the moments where players are not in possession of the ball. Kaiser may use these moments to position himself in his opponents’ blind spots, position himself in a place where he can deceive the opposition and be a decoy for his teammates shots, or to position himself close enough to a teammate to pull off super close back to back passing that can breakthrough an enemy's defense.

Kaiser Impact: Kaiser performs a high level direct shot when fed the ball that is so fast that it is hard to even see him kick the ball or see the ball go into the goal.