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My greatest weapon is my dribble
— Bachira to Team Z, [1]

Meguru Bachira ( (ばち) () (めぐる) Bachira Meguru?) is a main supporting character of the Blue Lock (Manga)

Bachira is a whimsical forward who plays following his instincts and when first arriving at Blue Lock he was a member of Team Z during First Selection. His main goal was to find soccer rivals to play with, who also have a "monster" inside of them but that later changes to becoming the best striker in the world when he overcomes his childhood trauma.

He is currently ranked #7 out of the original 300 forwards chosen to be part of the Blue Lock Project and is starting as a sideback for the Blue Lock Eleven against the Japan U-20.


Bachira is a fairly tall young man with a slim build and an oval-shaped face and a bob cut hair style. He has bright yellow eyes first shown in his official art and has chin length black hair curling at the ends with golden under-lights. When Bachira was younger his hair was only ear length and when he was in a junior football league he wore the jersey #8. During the Chiba Prefecture Tournament Bachira wore the #8 jersey for Namikaze High, which had a special bird design in the center.

At Blue Lock, Bachira wears the standard-issued body suit (black with gray stripes) and tracksuit. During the First Selection, he wore Team Z’s blue #8 jersey and during Second Selection, wore Team White's #16 jersey that later switched to red. During the Third Selection he switched between the Team A's black #7 and Team C's white and blue #7 jersey and he wears Team Z's gray-capped cleats. During the match against the Japan U-20, Bachira dons an official Blue Lock player uniform with the #8, that looks very similar to the ones seen in the first cover spread minus the Japan flag.


Bachira has a rather eccentric demeanor and personality. He is usually very energetic, cheerful and enthusiastic during matches, rarely losing his cool and will to play, describing soccer as something fun to play with others. He has a tendency to sleep in unexpected moments, such as shown at the start where, during the start of the tag test, he was found sleeping. He mostly oversleeps and ends up relying on Isagi or Kuon to wake him up, and then falls asleep during their team meetings; he's also been known to fall asleep during meals.

During his childhood, he was actively bullied because of his eccentric personality and exceptional skill in football, which resulted in a form of trauma where he is terrified of being alone.

This trauma causes Bachira to create an imaginary friend who is a "monster"; More specifically a football monster because it motivates Bachira and his plays in the game. Only after he comes to Blue Lock does Bachira start facing his trauma for he finds people he is similar to and can call a friend, like Yoichi Isagi. Bachira can be seen casually befriending all sorts of people despite his somewhat strange demeanor including Isagi, Rin, Chigiri, and Kunigami.

After the rematch between Isagi's Team White and Rin's Team Red, Bachira has moved past his previous trauma and has decided to be more confident and dominant on the field. He wants to become the world's best striker as well, who scores only for himself, and thus will only pass someone the ball if they have the potential to excite him and help him play the kind of football he wants to play.



  • Dribbler: Dribblers are players known for their close ball control ability that is used to go past defenders by sudden change of direction and acceleration sometimes combined with great pace. The skill is used to create opportunities for other attackers or to score themselves having broken through the opposition's defence using what is sometimes referred to as "trickery". One of the great spectator sights in football is a player going on a "mazy run" with the ball, twisting and turning to avoid opposition tackles, beating a number of players.

Bachira's dribbling technique allows him to break through most defenses with only high level players being able to stop him but it is very rare to see the ball stolen from him. Team Z heavily relied on his dribbling ability to get the ball down the field during First Selection. His dribbling is rivaled by only a handful of players in Blue Lock which makes him a much needed asset on any team.


Physical Ability

Elastic Dribbling: Bachira's dribbling style relies on his supreme technique and creativity to get through other player's defenses. His dribbling ability is so advanced that Isagi has noted before that it would be impossible for him to outright steal the ball in a one-on-one.

  • Egotistical Style: During the Second Selection, Bachira evolved his dribbling to a new egoistic style, where he refuses to pass the ball, if his team will not challenge his expectations. This was demonstrated to devastating effect when he dribbled past Isagi and then proceeded to take on all three of Chigiri, Baro and Nagi, breaking past them all to go through on goal.
  • Hyperspeed Scissors: Bachira performs a scissor feint at incredible speed, making it hard to follow.
  • Marseille Turn: In order to get around an opponent, Bachira performs a roulette, almost immediately after his scissor feints.
  • Midair Elastico: Bachira can perform the complex elastico dribble, while the ball is in the air, drawing in his opponents to try to steal the ball, before breaking past them.
  • Rabona: Bachira kicks the ball where his kicking leg is crossed behind the back of his standing leg. He has managed to kick the ball over an incoming defender while doing this.
  • Nutmeg: During the Second Selection, Bachira was able to perform a triple nutmeg on Isagi, Chigiri and Baro, all in succession, demonstrating his technical ability.
  • Double Touch Feint: Bachira performs hyper speed scissors and flows into a one-two touch feint.
  • Aerial Rush Turn: Coming off of a double touch feint, Bachira moves towards the opponent and while maintaining top speed turns on the ball and rotates around the defender easily breaking through their defense.

Key Passing: Bachira is also a very talented passer, enabling him to assist many different goals. He has, on multiple occasions, gotten an assist by crossing from the wings, as well as passing from the midfield. He also has demonstrated a range of passing techniques.

  • High Speed Ground Pass: An quick pass with incredible top spin, that bounces across the ground.
  • No-Look Pass: Bachira uses the Rabona technique to pass, without looking.
  • Long-Range Backspin Pass: Bachira can perform a long range pass, travelling nearly 60 meters, with backspin, allowing the ball to hug the ground whilst rising up. This pass is best used in a chemical reaction with a tall player, who can intercept the ball in its flight path, rather than on the ground.
  • Quick Cross: Using the movements of another player as a precursor, Bachira fires a quick cross into the box which can only be met at great speed. He used this to assist Rin's goal against the Team World Five.

Flow State: Flow, as described by Ego, is the state of "total immersion" or "being in the zone". It is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Bachira has unintentionally and intentionally entered Flow State numerous times during Blue Lock, as early as the First Selection. In this state he has performed a triple nutmeg on some of the best players in Blue Lock and has broken through their defense with ease almost scoring all by himself if not for the confidence and respect his opponent had in his skill which caused them to intercept him.

Monstrance: When he enters the Flow State, Bachira enters a challenge-centred trance, performing techniques incredibly quickly, including multiple feints and moving purely on instinct. Since he moves without conscious thought, it is incredibly difficult to predict and stop for the defenders. In this state, Bachira was able to easily overcome the U20 defenders and even Oliver Aiku.

  • Monster Lift: Bachira is able to perform an audacious lift, by first lifting the ball and moving into a shooting motion, before kicking the ball downwards with force and topspin. Upon bouncing, the ball spins over the head of the defender, for Bachira to chase down. Bachira used this to great effect against Aiku.


  • The name Meguru (廻) means "round, revolve, go around and circumference."[14]
  • Meguru's surname, Bachira (蜂楽) means "bee, wasp or hornet" (蜂) and "comfort, easy, without trouble or happiness".[15][16]
  • Bachira Meguru can therefore be interpreted as "a happy, buzzing bee" or "a wasp turing things around with ease".


  • (To Team Z) My greatest weapon is my dribble. [1]
  • (To Team Z) Great! Real great! Finally, something fun to do. [17]
  • (To Team Z) You see all of us, came to Blue Lock to become the best strikers in the world... So we must trample over Team V; that's what it takes to be a striker. [18]
  • (To Isagi) Isagi... I won't be waiting. If you want me come and steal me. I'll follow the will of my inner demon. [11]
  • (To Isagi and Rin) They're trading blows on an unbelievable level on this field right now. There are two monsters! I knew it! They're both monsters! I don't even care which one. At long last, I'm not alone anymore. [19]
  • (To himself) I'm gonna win if it kills me!! Since coming to Blue Lock... I don't want to lose everything that I've found here! I really would have been happy just being able to keep playing soccer with Isagi by my side. I don't want to lose the first friend I've ever made. I don't want to go back to those days of being alone!! That's why I've been seeking someone else's voice instead of mine. Win even if it kills me, and steal back Isagi! That's what my voice is telling me!! [20]
  • (To himself) Back when becoming one with the ball was all that mattered. Back when that was the only reason I needed to play soccer!! For me there is nothing in this world that's more fun than this!! Fight lose yourself!! That fire is within me!! I will become the monster even if there's nobody else waiting for me!! [21]


  • He started playing football at the age of 6.
  • His favorite season is summer.
  • His favorite food is canned pineapple, he hates Mozuku.
  • His favorite animal is dolphin.
  • His hometown is Chiba.
  • His foot size is 27.5 cm.
  • His jersey numbers are almost always either 8 or 16.
  • He feels sad when his freedom is being taken away.


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