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Leonardo Luna (レオナルド・ルナ, Reonarudo Runa) is a supporting character of the Blue Lock (Manga).

Luna is a professional player from Spain known as 'The Scion of Real Madrid' who plays on Spain's Real Madrid and the Spain National Team. He arrives at Blue Lock as member of the Team World 5 to analyze and rate the last string of Blue Lock players.



At first glance, he looks like a refreshing young man, but he has a bad mouth and a big smile, and he is sarcastic and swearing at others.




  • (To Rin) So you're Sae Itoshi's little brother right? Your brother was pretty well within the organization (Blue Lock). If you're really his younger brother, you also probably have amazing talent. I was eagerly anticipating playing against you. [1]
  • (To Rin) Anyways this is a pretty interesting idea. To develop such a project to make Japan the best in soccer... Although Spainards becoming the next Sumo Grand Champion sounds more plausable. [2]
  • (To Rin) To waste this much wealth on such a fruitless expedition... Japan must really be a thriving country. Hm? Ah, sorry? I was complimenting you, know? [3]
  • (To Rin) Your lack of experience is limiting your perspective! [4]
  • (To Rin) You're good. Unlike the other kids, you're still truly trying to win. I'll crush you whole-heartedly. [5]
  • (To Team Blue Lock) Adios, you unpolished gems. Next time, let's meet in a real game. [6]


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