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I'm a pacifist, you see.
— Yukimiya to Team Red, [1]

Kenyu Yukimiya ( (ゆき) (みや) (けん) (ゆう) Yukimiya Kenyū?) is a main supporting character of the Blue Lock (Manga).

He was ranked #5 out of the original 300 forwards chosen to be apart of the Blue Lock Project before the Japan U-20 match and currently plays as a regular on Bastard München during the Neo Egoist League.


Yukimiya is tall, with a slim yet slightly muscular build. His hair is black and stylized. When outside of a match it is groomed and straight, whereas during a match it is more wild and messy. He also wears round spectacles outside of games, but a pair of specialised sunglasses when he is in a match. All this indicates that Yukimiya has an acute awareness of his own style and appearance at all times, which is supported by the indication that he models.

During Second Selection, he wore the Team Red's # 23 jersey and during Third Selection,, he wore Team C's #23 jersey. When the Japan National Representative Match begins he dons the official Blue Lock uniform with the jersey #5.


Yukimiya is highly confident in his own abilities, declaring himself the strongest player in Japan, when it comes to one-on-one battles. He is also a likable and charismatic personality, appearing to make friends easily, like with Nagi. In addition to this, Yukimiya likes to make banter even with his opponents, indicating a playful element to his personality.

Yukimiya claims that he is a pacifist, which forms part of his ego, since he sees the easiest and most peaceful way to score would be to do so himself. He is also inquisitive, often being the first to ask questions of Ego, about his selection criteria.



  • Mobile Striker: A striker that benefits from the space behind the opposing defensive line. Often reached with long balls from central defenders or defense splitting through balls from creative midfielders. The mobile striker is often a highly technical and dynamic player, who distinguishes himself in one-on-one duels with a last defender or goalkeeper. A mobile striker is often used to exploit fast transition phases from defense to offense.


Rigid Dribbling: In contrast with Bachira's technical dribbling, Yukimiya's dribbling relies on his own physique, to push past opponents with power and speed.

1-on-1 Emperor Style: Yukimiya's core style involves bringing a confrontation to the individual level, where he can use his rigid dribbling to get past his opponents in succession. He has shown that he can overcome Rin and then Shidou whilst doing this, proclaiming that in a 1v1 he is the strongest player in Japan (although this was likely a boast). Reo mentioned that Yukimiya was a hardcore infighter, with his physique being key to his dribbling ability. It is suggested that, at least within Blue Lock, there is no player he cannot dribble past. However, this style can be countered by simply bringing the encounter back to a 2-on-1, as shown when Rin used Igarashi to overcome Yukimya's dribbling.

  • Drag Scissors: Yukimiya performs the scissor feint to shift his opponent's center of gravity, before using his explosive speed to break past them.
  • La Boba: A feint that uses the sole of the foot. Yukimiya is able to use this to break past an opponent.

Gyro-Shot: This is a high shot, with incredible spin, allowing it to drop sharply in mid-air, while moving to the outside. When Yukimiya used this shot, it was very nearly going to score, if not for Aryu and Nagi reading its path. Based on what Reo said, its range is at least 30 meters.

Flow State: Flow, as described by Ego, is the state of "total immersion" or "being in the zone". It is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Yukimiya entered the flow state, whilst resorting to his street dribbling during the U-20 match, enabling him to break through their defense and launch a gyro shot, quickly changing his aim at the last second.

Street Football Style: In contrast to his usual 1-on-1 style, when Yukimiya accesses the flow state, he can dribble with more precise movements, cutting into the spaces between both friends and foe. Through focus and analysis, Yukimiya can determine the best route to take in order to penetrate the defense, yet still adapt his decision-making, running through people as if dodging obstacles in the street.

  • La Croqueta: A feint that knocks the ball one way with one foot, then the other way with the other. This can be used to feint going outside before cutting, or vice versa. Yukimiya can use this technique multiple times in succession, whilst at full speed.


  • His surname Yukimiya means (雪) "snow" (宮) "shrine."
  • Kenyu means (剣) "stinger or dart" (優) "gentle, elegant and classy."


  • (To Ryusei) Football's most basic form is the 1-on-1. If I can drag the situation on that I can proudly say I'm the strongest in Japan. [8]
  • (To Reo) Nah, No way. I'll be more peaceful If I just score by myself. [9]


  • Kenyu is not only a football player, but also a model in his private life (Ego called him a "four-eyes model in chapter 95).
  • He was former teammates with Karasu Tabito (Top 3) and Otoya Eita (Top 4) during the Second Selection.
  • His favorite animal is penguin. He likes how cute penguins waddle on land but are very fast when in the water.
  • His favorite song is '不死鳥' by Sekai No Owari.
  • His favorite food is blueberries because it is good for the eyes.
  • If he's given 100 million yen, he wouldn't know what to do with it because he's not interested in money.
  • His favorite manga is Oyasumi Punpun (Good Night Punpun). It is a dark, psychological and slice-of-life manga written and drawn by Asano Inio.
  • He does not know the exact number of the chocolates he got during Valentine's Day but he ate a lot. The chocolates were sent to his agency (probably his modelling agency office)
  • Yukimiya was the first Blue Lock player to get into Flow state during the U-20 match
  • He is from Miyazaki prefecture.
  • He doesn't like garlic.
  • He seems to understand German since he was the only one who understood Noa's instructions in Chapter 156.
  • His motto is "to put forth every moment in that moment."
  • His favorite movie is the Evangelion movie.


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