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It's settled. On this field right now, I'm the most stylish
— Aryu to Isagi, [1]

Jyubei Aryu (蟻生 十兵衛, Aryū Jyūbei) is a supporting character in Blue Lock (Manga).

As of Third Selection, his rank is unknown but he was the #2 player in the Second Selection. He is currently starting as a centerback for the Blue Lock Eleven against the Japan U-20.


Aryu has incredible height, being one of the tallest players in Blue Lock, with black long black hair that is mid-back length. Along with his height, his limbs are also very long. He has black eyes, with nails that are also shown to be painted black. He has some feminine features but can still be distinguished as a male.

At Blue Lock, Aryu wears the standard issued body suit (black with gray stripes) and tracksuit. During Second Selection, he wore Team Red's #2 jersey and wore Team A's #2 black jersey during the Third Selection. Only once the Japan National Representative match begins does he don an official blue Blue Lock player uniform with the jersey #2


Aryu is known to say “stylish” a lot and wants to do everything in “style.” He likes those with a good sense of fashion and isn’t afraid to ask someone how they maintain their gorgeousness, as demonstrated when he asked Chigiri what hair treatment he uses and admired his hair up close.

Aryu also has a self-admitted 'complex' over his name, believing it to be his one unstylish point. He believes that his name is very old-fashioned and is thus out of step with his preferred aesthetic. Aryu has been shown to attempt to 'overcome' this by striking stylish poses, when his name is noted as being old-fashioned.



  • Goal Poacher: Goal poachers are forwards who wait in the six-yard box or the penalty area for a cross, pass or loose ball and pounce to try to score a goal. The "poaching" refers to the fact that they will often score a goal out of the slightest of opportunities i.e. steal a goal. Goal poachers usually play as centre forwards or second strikers.


Physical Ability

Jumping Power: Aryu has incredible jumping ability which, compounded with his height, enable to him reach aerial balls from a higher position than most other players in Blue Lock. Aryu has used his jumping ability to intercept long balls and score from long balls, making him an ideal target for a cross or as a centerback who physically overwhelms the opposing player.

  • Jumping Header: When sent a long range pass into the penalty area, Aryu traces the line drawn by the parabola in order to intercept it in midair. He can then head the ball at a downwards angle, where it will bounce past any opposition defence as well as the goalkeeper. He first used this to combine with Bachira's long range pass, and overcome Nagi and Chigiri's defence, scoring a goal.
  • Midair Chest Trap: In order to receive a long range pass, Aryu uses his jumping ability to trap the ball in midair with his chest.

Long Reach: Perhaps Aryu's greatest weapon is the reach of his limbs. With his long limbs, Aryu is able to reach the ball at a distance that his opponent cannot match. He can use this to receive a pass ahead of his opponent, by stretching out his leg ahead of him. Notably, he has also exploited his reach to score unlikely goals, shooting the ball from Isagi's feet into the goal, despite Isagi shielding it with his body. Aryu has also demonstrated his extreme reach in a defensive situation, being able to stop Itoshi Sae's shot during the final minute of the first half in the Japan U-20 match, by reverse kicking the ball away from the top corner of the goal and onto the cross bar.


  • The name Aryu means, "follower and adherent."
  • Aryu's surname, Jyubei means "hardworker and appreciated."


  • (To Team Red, Chapter 44) If we do this we should go against Ranks 4, 5 and 6 right? That'd be the most stylish. And even if we win against those potatoes (Team White) over there I will not look beautiful at all. [2]
  • (To Team White, Chapter 46) I have descended. Your ball handling may be stylish... But if I don't let you touch it, you can't shine. [3]
  • (To Rin, Chapter 48) Amazing! Again... You acted more stylish than me. [4]


  • He is an only child.
  • His hobby is visiting shrines and temples.
  • If he has 100 million yen, he would hire a manicurist exclusively for him.
  • His favorite soccer player is Andy Carroll because he is beautiful.


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