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Julian Loki (ジュリアン・ロキ, Jurian Roki) is a supporting character in the Blue Lock (Manga).

Loki is a young prodigy football player who is a member of PXG and the France National Team regarded as a supernova in the French league.

Introduced during Third Selection, as a member of Team World 5, he is initially at Blue Lock to analyze and rate the last string of Blue Lock players. He later returns to help train Blue Lock and participate in the Neo Egoist League as the master striker/coach of the France Stratum.


Loki is a fairly tall teenager, being only slightly taller than Isagi, with dark skin, brown eyes and short black hair in a buzz cut. He is well built, for his age, being bulkier than Isagi despite being around his height.

During the Third Selection, he wore the same Team White jersey used in the Second Selection but with the #1 on it. During the Neo Egotist League he wears the PXG team uniform.


Before the game against Team World 5, Loki was the only member of his team not to make light of the match or bad mouth the Blue Lock Project and he stopped his fellow players from doing so showing a certain level of maturity. Isagi noted that Loki was very polite, having apologized for his teammates and his wishing for a good match. Despite his politeness, Isagi sensed that Loki was not the least bit nervous about playing them, which indicates a supreme confidence in his own ability, regardless of his manner. Loki was also quick to recognize and praise the team when they had done something noteworthy, as well as critique them when they presented openings, showing that despite his confidence, he does have a sense of sportsmanship about him.



  • Counterattacker: Counterattackers are any attacking player that uses their pace to beat defenders and cause unexpected scoring opportunities at any time. They also need some degree of shooting skill. Counterattacking opportunities occur when the opposition are themselves attacking a team with most of their players forward. A counterattack happens when the ball is won back and is quickly played into space for a counterattacking player to run onto or where a player takes the ball themselves and runs with pace into a sparsely defended opposition half.


Professional Football Technique: Julien is considered one of the best strikers in the world, being handpicked by Ego to play as one of the World Select. Despite being 17, he is already a rising star and is considered a prodigy in the world of football, having been selected for France's National Team already and playing professional-level football in the French League. His skill was demonstrated in the Third Selection, where he was able to easily bypass the First Clear Team's defense, scoring on Team Blue Lock with little effort.

Explosive Speed: Loki's speed is his defining weapon, being able to explosively take off from a neutral position and reach top speed very quickly. This speed is so devastating that Isagi had no chance to react, despite Loki being directly in front of him. In addition to this acceleration, he has the endurance to maintain this speed for an extended duration. Since Julien can angle his dribble, he is able to dribble as wide as his stride, which combined with his speed makes him almost impossible to react to or stop.

  • Godspeed: When Loki is confronted with someone who can read his direction, he is able to shift into an even higher gear of speed, to burst past them before they can stop him. He used this to completely evade Rin when he was intercepted.


  • Loki is most likely inspired by the real life player Kylian Mbappé


  • (To Leonardo) Hey, that's enough Luna. You're going too far. [1]
  • (To Team Blue Lock) I apologize everyone. This guy (Leonardo) has a nasty personality. Putting those selfish grown-ups aside... It's nice meeting you. Let's have a good match. [2]
  • (To Rin) Yessir. Um, is that it? Because all I see are openings. [3]
  • (To Rin) It's obvious where you're headed. Good call. But I'm fast, you know? [4]
  • (To Rin) The match was already settled on the premise you guys would lose. [5]



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