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Football is, at its core, a sport about scoring goals even at the expense of your teammates. The best player is the one that scores the most
— Jinpachi Ego

Jinpachi Ego (絵心 甚八, Ego Jinpachi) is the coach handpicked by Anri Teieri to lead the Blue Lock Project. He acts as a coach, trainer, and manager of Blue Lock.


Ego is a skinny yet tall, pale man with his black hair styled into a short bob cut with straight bangs and is often seen wearing a pair of black framed eye glasses, black jeans with a belt and a black shirt with a tassle on his neck.


Ego at first glance, is an ambitious and overly confident man; Beneath that ambition however, is something even more sinister as he puts the emphasis in "ego" as he is shown to be an extremely egotistical, cruel, and self-serving man, seeing teamwork and putting your teammates before yourself to the equivalent of being "second-rate." He never wastes an opportunity to tell his players the cold truth about themselves and their reality, either seeping them into further despair or inspiring them with his cold hearted truth.

Ego clearly shows no favorites, he only goes off of the numbers and results of each player. He is extremely calculating and methodical having single handedly designed Blue Lock, tricked the Japan Football Association executives into a game when pushed into a corner, and near perfectly predicted the Japan U-20 match. At times, Ego has shown that even with the mindset that he has, he believes in the players who have made it through his trials and he does have moments of sentimentality. Ego as the creator and senior manager of Blue Lock takes great pride in his players, though he hasn't said it outwardly.


  • The surname Ego means "egoism and self."
  • Ego's first name, Jinpachi (甚八) means "great eight."


  • (To the 300 gathered players) Congratulations, you unpolished gems. All you Under-18 strikers have been chosen solely based on my criteria and biases to be here. All 300 of you. I am Jinpachi Ego. My job is to make Japan a team capable of winning the World Cup. [1]
  • (To the 300 gathered players) I'll put it in simple terms. Japan only requires one thing to become the strongest powerhouse in football. And that is the creation of revolutionary striker. From you 300 players gathered here today, I will forge the best striker in the world through a certain project. [2]
  • (To the 300 gathered players) All of them revolutionary strikers!! Their extraordinary egoism is the one thing Japan's football lacks. You will not become the greatest strikers in the world, unless you have the ego to match. My purpose here, is to create such a player in Japan. [3]
  • (To Ryousuke Kira) "The one who is "it" in tag, that is, the one who has the ball, decides who they want to "win", but also gets to decide who they want to "lose"." [4]
  • (To Ryousuke Kira) "A striker carries all responsibilities on his back. A striker is the one who keeps on attacking until the very second." [4]
  • (To Team Z) "Nonsense? It is nonsensical indeed. But then, so is the world. Either you win or you lose. While you were getting excited over your mediocre successes, true strikers tread a path of winning or losing everything. Every single day, in order to keep on surviving." [4]
  • (To Team Z) "How was it? Since you were born... Wasn't this the first time you felt true danger? Were you scared? Shocked? You understand that much right? The football you've played all your lives is for weaklings! Didn't you get those shivers? "Nice... I survived." That is the feeling of victory! So shove it in those brains of yours!" [4]
  • (To Team Blue Lock) "Your only order for the second half is..... overwhelm them. There is no need for more than one protagonist."



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