"Football is, at its core, a sport about scoring goals even at the expense of your teammates. The best player is the one that scores the most goals."

— Jinpachi Ego

Jinpachi Ego (絵心 甚八, Ego Jinpachi) is the coach hired by Anri Teieri for the Blue Lock project.






  • (To the 300 gathered players) "You will not become the greatest strikers in the world unless you have the ego to match." [1]
  • (To Ryousuke Kira) "The one who is "it" in tag, that is, the one who has the ball, decides who they want to "win", but also gets to decide who they want to "lose". [2]
  • (To Ryousuke Kira) "A striker carries all responsibilities on his back. A striker is the one who keeps on attacking until the very second". [2]
  • (To Team Z remaining players) "Nonsense? It is nonsensical indeed. But then, so is the world. Either you win or you lose. While you were getting excited over your mediocre successes, true strikers tread a path of winning or losing everything. Every single day, n order to keep on surviving.". [2]
  • (To Team Z remaining players) "How was it? Since you were born... Wasn't this the first time you felt true danger? Were you scared? Shocked? You understand that much right? The football you've played all your lives is for weaklings! Didn't you get those shivers? "Nice... I survived." That is the feeling of victory! So shove it in those brains of yours!". [2]


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