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The Japan U-20 or (Japan National Under-20 Football Team) is a national association team of Japan of players who are under the age of 20 and is controlled by the Japan Football Association.


*Under construction until the end of the U-20 arc

First organized in 1979, the Japan U-20 represents Japan in the FIFA U-20 World Cup. Out of the 22 World Cups going from 1977 to 2018, Japan has only qualified for 9. Japan at best has only came in second place in the 1999 FIFA World Cup, losing to Spain. They most commonly make the Top 16.

After losing in the Top 16 in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Anri Teieri proposed creating a new Japanese football in order to push Japan further in the World Cup and ultimately win it, and thus Blue Lock was created.

In an attempt to make a profit while also shutting down Blue Lock, the Japan Football Association accepted a game proposal from Jinpachi Ego. The Japan U-20 will face off against the Blue Lock Eleven and after defeating them will shut down the program proving it is unrealistic. If they happen to lose the match, Blue Lock will hijack the U-20 team.


The Japan U-20 uniforms consist of a white jersey with dynamic red stripes that has their player number, their team association and the Japanese flag and white shorts with red stripes at the bottom of the shorts. All the U-20 wear black shirts under their jersey and gloves as well.



The Japan U-20's defense is made up of 3 stages:

1) Haru Hayate pressures the opposition the moment they are in possession, forcing a pass. Backed up by Itsuki Wakatsuki.

2) The "Iron Wall Quartet" made up of Oliver Aiku, Kazuma Niou, Miroku Darai, and Teppei Neru, tighten up their defense and guard their designated zones, leaving no weak spots.

3) Whenever the opposition gets a certain distance to the goal, Oliver goes out to the opposition to reinforce the guard and pressure the opponent.

The Japan's U-20's offense is a simple formation where the offensive midfielder, Sae Itoshi, gets the ball down the field and into the hands of the forwards, Teru Kitsunezato, Kento Chou, and Shuto Sendo. The forwards are passed the ball and usually take a shot once in possession.

Against the Blue Lock Eleven, the Japan U-20 can only hold up their strong defense but the U-20 offense was never able to score on the Blue Lock defense without Sae Itoshi and thus they ended up losing the first half of the Japan National Representative Match.