Hyoma Chigiri (千切 豹馬, Chigiri Hyōma?) is a member of Team Z.


Chigiri has hair that goes past his shoulders and has one long bang that sweeps to the right of his face. During games, he tends to braid one side of his head so that it doesn't get in his face. His hair has a red/pink hue, and his eyes are the same. He has a very feminine face, as shown by his long eyelashes and girly features.


Chigiri enjoys taking care of his appearance often like blow drying and taking care of his hair. He also speaks about how he cares towards his injured knee.



Chigiri was annoyed with Isagi's constant attempts to figure out his "weapon", but eventually, he broke through during the game vs. team W.


  • His favorite animal is black cat.
  • His favorite subjects are English, Physical Education, and History.
  • His hometown is Kagoshima.
  • He damaged his ACL in middle school.
  • He has an older sister.
  • His hobby is reading novels.
  • His favorite color is purple red.
  • His favorite season is winter
  • His favorite food is karinto manju.
  • His dislike food is ginger.
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