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Zip It. Just join on my moves.
— Otoya, [1]

Eita Otoya ( (おと) () (えい) () Otoya Eita?) is a supporting character of the Blue Lock (Manga).

He is currently ranked #4 out of the original 300 forwards chosen to be apart of the Blue Lock Project and is currently playing as a sideback for the Blue Lock Eleven against the Japan U-20, though he started as a winger.


Otoya is a tall person wearing the blue lock uniform. He has short, flat white hair with a strand of hair in the middle that is dark green, along with the underside of his hair being that same dark green color. His face is slim with a chiselled chin and thin, low-lidded eyes that are dark in color. Otoya spindly limbs that allow him to be agile on the field.

At Blue Lock, Otoya wears the standard issued body suit (black with gray stripes) and tracksuit. During Second Selection, he wore Team Red's #33 jersey and wore Team B's #33 white jersey during the Third Selection. Only once the Japan National Representative match begins does he don an official blue Blue Lock player uniform with the jersey #9.


Otoya has a laid back and relaxed personality, rarely being shown as pressured or under stress even during a match. He has no problem taunting his opponents and appeared to be entertained when Rin and Shidou began to fight after their match.

He also is very confident in his abilities, telling his team to play defence during his Third Selection match and not to talk back. Despite this, he does acknowledge when he is impressed by a teammate or an opponent, as seen when he was hyped up by Chigiri's speed.



  • Shadow Striker: Shadow strikers operate as one of the team's main goalscoring threats. Usually coupled with another forward, they aggressively push up into goalscoring positions as the ball moves into the final third and look to press opposing defenders when out of possession.


Physical Ability

Agility: Otoya is incredibly quick on his feet, reacting quickly to opposing players and using his speed to intercept them. He is swift enough to intercept Shidou's Aggressive Dribbles, as well as stop Rin in his tracks. His speed is at such a level that Ego positioned him in the Blue Lock Eleven with the express purpose of using his speed to get in behind the opposing defenders.

Off the Ball Movements: A term used to describe the moments where players are not in possession of the ball. Otoya is able to use these movements to position himself behind an opponent, as well as weave his way into the penalty area to attack a cross.

  • Stealthy Steps: Through combining his Agility with his Off the Ball Movements, Otoya is able to very quickly weave in between opposing players, without them realising before it is too late to react. He was able to do this to get the better of both Hiori and Rin during the Third Selection, as well as Hiori and Nanase to score a goal. It is this technique which gives him is 'Ninja' epithet.


  • (To Rin) Just try getting through, mister prodigy's (Sae Itoshi) younger bro. Too slow. [2]
  • (To Chigiri) That speed hypes me up. Nice one kunoichi. [3]
  • (To Rin) It's obvious that you can't get ahead without that one-two pass. So go on and try passing, then. [4]
  • (To Karasu) Oh, hell yes. Fight, Fight. I love these kinds of brawls. It's like Fight Club. [5]


  • The given name, Eita ( (おと) () ?), means "second night".
  • Eita's surname, Otoya ( (えい) () ?), means "many shadows".


  • His favorite season is summer.
  • His favorite animal is phoenix. (It's on fire).
  • His first time being confessed to was when he was 5 years old. He gave kisses to 95% of the girls in his preschool and 50% of them confessed to him. (Little Menace).
  • His type is someone who's "bright and honest", but his preference changes a lot so this isn't too reliable.
  • He seems to enjoy fights, especially when Rin and Shidou broke out into a brawl in front of him.
  • Eita's favorite food is Churros since they put him in a good mood and his least favorite food is pickled vegetables as they are "unenjoyable". (A true statement).
  • When asked his first love, he answered that it was Dokin-chan when he was 3.
  • Eita has stated that during the holidays, he likes to hang out with friends or going out on a date.
  • He believes that once he gets a girlfriend it becomes "tiresome".
  • When asked the question "What is your life moto?" he answered "Whether it’ll get me excited/pumped or not." (???)
  • He was in the same team with Kenyu Yukimiya and Tabito Karasu in the Second Selection.
  • He seems to be a descendant of ninja.
  • If he received 100 million yen, he would reserve an entire night pool and "do" as much as he can.
  • His favorite manga is Moteki.
  • If he impulsively bought something from a convenience store, it would be breath care because "you never know when you're going to get a kiss".
  • His favorite celebrity is Kumiko Aso.
  • His favorite football player is Takumi Minamino.


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