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Superhero (スーパーヒーロー, Sūpāhīrō) is the 9th chapter of the Blue Lock manga series.

Short Summary

Long Summary


Inside Team Z's shared room, each player identifies their unique weapons. Bachira's weapon is his dribbling. Raichi excels in his shooting technique. Gagamaru is great at close quarter plays. Naruhaya can fly across the pitch. Iemon is a jack of all trades. Igaguri has an unyielding fighting spirit. Kunigami's left foot has a strong shooting power. Imamura has excellent speed and technique. Kuon has exceptional jumping power.

This leaves Isagi and Chigiri. Isagi has a hard time distinguishing his weapon. Isagi asks for a little bit of time to think of his weapon. Kuon then asks Chigiri about his weapon. Chigiri, however, does not want to tell it. Raichi found Chigiri's actions arrogant; Raichi then asks the team to move on without Chigiri and Isagi's weapons identified.

Taking the lead in strategizing, Kuon tells the team that each player must learn how to utilize their weapons to the fullest. Iemon then asked if Kuon's suggestion will not result in a playstyle similar to their performance in their previous game (Team X and Team Z). Team Z's greedy and selfish playstyle led to the ultimate demise of the team. To avoid having a chaotic and self-centered match, Kuon suggests the "I'm the next 9" tactic. Each player will have 10 minutes to be the striker and display their weapons. After strategizing, Team Z went through special training. The training aims to unify Team Z as a team.

Following the special training, the players go to the dining hall to eat. Isagi eats natto. It is hinted that he has been eating natto ever since he was at Blue Lock. While eating, Isagi reflects on what his weapon could be. After a few minutes, Kunigami appears. Kunigami thanks Isagi for passing the ball to him. Isagi then asks Kunigami why he plays football. Kunigami says that it's simple. He plays so that he can be a football superhero. Isagi noted that the resolution that Kunigami has is what he lacks.

Goal Exchange System in Blue Lock

Kunigami shares a plate of 300g sirloin steak with Isagi

Kunigami then offers Isagi a plate of steak. Kunigami shows to Isagi the goal-exchange system. He then explains that for every goal a player scores, you can exchange it for various stuff. 1 point for 300g sirloin steak. 3 points for a cellphone return. 5 points for a high-quality bed. Lastly, 10 points for a day outside. Kunigami shares the steak with Isagi, believing that he deserves half the credit for it.  

While eating, Kunigami asks Isagi why he passed to him and not to Raichi. Raichi, on the other hand, was in a better spot and unmarked. Isagi laughs and tells Kunigami that he passed unconsciously, like a reflex. Kunigami suggested that Isagi's weapon may be the ability to smell the goal.

Chapter Notes

  • Team Z identifies each of their own unique weapons.
  • Isagi cannot recognize his weapon while Chigiri does not want to explain his weapon to the team.
  • "I'm the next 9" is the new strategy of Team Z, as recommended by Kuon.
  • Isagi has been eating natto ever since he started Blue Lock.
  • For every goal a player scores, there is a corresponding prize or exchange.
  • Kunigami plays football to become a football superhero.
  • According to Kunigami, Isagi's weapon may be the ability to sense the smell of a goal.



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