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Rival Rematch (Japanese: 奪敵決戦 (ライバルリーバトル) , Raibaru Rībatoru) is the 44th chapter of Blue Lock manga series.


Kunigami hast just finished the first stage of the second selection. Upon entering the assembly area for first-stage clearers, Kunigami spots Chigiri. They greet and congratulate each other. Kunigami then tells Chigiri that it seems that Chigiri's the only familiar face they see. Chigiri, however, informs Kunigami that Isagi, Bachira, and Nagi have already gone ahead. Kunigami gets a little pissed after hearing that. Chigiri then agrees with him. After this, Chigiri suggests that they should team-up. Kunigami agrees, and now they are left to find the person who will take the third and last spot in their team.

Meanwhile, at the third stage area, Ego is seen explaining a few details concerning the third stage. Apparently, the third stage is a mini-game-styled battle wherein each team consists of 3 teams. The match will end after one group earns 5 goals. For the goalkeeper, each team will have a Blue Lockman (hologram). Lastly, there will be a twist at the end of the match. To elaborate, the winning team will have the power to choose one member for the losing team. The stolen player will then join the winning team, becoming a 4-man team. Likewise, the losing team will have to go back to the previous stage. This will continue until the fifth stage. Thus, by the fifth stage, each team will have 5 players. Ego dubs these stages of the second selection as "the rivalry battle."

After explaining, Ego then announces the new rankings for Blue Lock. Suddenly, the number 15 appears in Isagi's shirt.  Bachira is rank 16, while Nagi is rank 7. Apparently, their new rankings are based on the order in which they cleared the first stage.

Ego then disappears from the screen after explaining important matters. Then, at Rin's side, each member is seen discussing the third stage. Aoshi Tokimitsu is frantic and apprehensive. After hearing about the twist in the second selection, Tokimitsu wonders what will happen to him. With low-self esteem, Tokimitsu believes that if they lost, he will not be chosen. Meanwhile, Jyubei Aryu notes that they should at least compete with those in ranks 3-5. He remarks that winning against "potatoes" like Isagi will not look stylish at all. Rin, however, tells Aryu to shut up. Rin states that he could not care less about who his opponent will be. Rin adds, saying that he just wants to win quickly and go forward. Rin then says that he only chose to team up with Tokimitsu and Aryu because the third stage needed a 3-man team. Rin notes that everything and everyone in the Blue Lock facility is just merely stepping stones for him. Rin regards that he just participated in Blue Lock to take advantage of the system. Rin then declares that his football is ultimately fueled by the thought of crushing Sae Itoshi.

After hearing that, Isagi is shocked to realize that Rin is the younger brother of the genius middle fielder, Sae Itoshi. Bachira then laughs, noting how egoist Rin is. Nagi then remarks that their team is filled with eccentric players. Isagi then mutters an apology to Nagi and Bachira. Although Isagi knows that they are one extremely tough team to beat, Isagi's ego tells him that he must play with them. So, Isagi invites Rin's team to play against them. After hearing the invitation, Bachira and Nagi agree with Isagi's decision. Similarly, Rin agrees, adding that anyone would be fine. With all 6 players agreeing, they enter the third stage of the second selection.  

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Chapter Notes

  • Kunigami and Chigiri teams up for the third stage.
  • Aryu and Tokimitsu are introduced. Aryu tends to like stylish things, while Tokimitsu has low self-confidence.
  • Rin is Sae Itoshi's younger brother. Rin hopes to crush Sae in football someday.
  • To win the third stage, the team must earn 5 goals.
  • The winning team has the power to steal a member from the losing team. The losing team will have to go back and repeat the previous stage.
  • By the fifth stage, each winning team must 5 members.
  • For the third stage, Isagi, Bachira, and Nagi will play against Rin, Tokimitsu, and Aryu.

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