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Second Selection (Japanese: 二次選考 (セレクション) , Niji Serekushon) is the 40th chapter of Blue Lock manga series.


Ego reveals the 5 stages for the second selection

The start of the second selection commences. Ego remarks that the players have grown from level 0 to 1 after the first selection. Now, by utilizing the state-of-the-art training facilities, the players will be able to advance from level 1 to 100. Then, Ego explains that the second selection will have 5 stages. Only those who have cleared all stages are allowed to pass the second selection. Moreover, Ego reveals that those who clear the second selection will have the opportunity to participate in a training match against some of the world's best football players. Shortly after, Ego ends his announcement and tells the players that everything is up for them to decide. Only those who have mentally prepared themselves are allowed to enter the gate to the Second Selection. Also, players must enter individually, separating themselves from their teammates during the first selection.

After the screen went off, most of the players looked around the room. The majority were reluctant to try the first stage. Nonetheless, an unfamiliar player went and picked up two balls. He kicked the first ball, allowing the ball to move in a tall yet gentle curve. Soon after, he kicked the second ball; however, unlike the first ball, this created a low curved shot. Surprisingly, both balls hit each other halfway. Isagi is left shocked and bewildered after witnessing the stranger's skills. Isagi wonders who that player is.

Meanwhile, the unknown player walks up in front of the gate to the Second Selection. He instructs the gate to be opened, noting that he has finished warming up. After the unknown player enters the gate to the Second Selection, his name flashes. Apparently, his name is Rin Itoshi. After hearing Rin's last name, Igaguri wonders if he was the Itoshi that is considered one of the top 11 in the World of the New Generation. However, Imamura tells Igaguri that he is mistaken and that the Itoshi he may be referring to is Sae Itoshi. Because of this, Igaguri wonders who Rin Itoshi could be.

Thus, Rin became the first player to clear the first stage of the Second Selection. Meanwhile, Igaguri doubts his place in the Blue Lock facility. After seeing Rin's display of talent, Igaguri notes that he is still halfway compared to him. Because of this, other members of Team Z also doubted themselves.

Team Z huddles up before entering the second selection

Nonetheless, Isagi steps up to Igaguri and reminded them of who they are. Igaguri noted that during the match against the so-called undefeated Team V, Team Z was the one who claimed victory. Following that, Igaguri comments that his face block against Nagi was insane. Kunigami joins in, saying that his goal was sicker. Bachira follows, noting that his dribbling weapon was cooler. Chigiri, however, declared that Team Z would have lost if he didn't have his immense speed. Raichi disagrees with Chigiri, saying that Team Z won because of his impenetrable defense. Because of this, Imamura adds that his defense was also as great. Besides that, Kuon reminds that team how he spared them from losing by getting a red card. Naruhaya then pats Kuon back while laughing and telling him that what he did was not right, though. Similarly, Gagamaru joins in, stating that he did a lot of help for Team Z to win. Also, Iemon shouts and reminds the team of his amazing save against Reo's free kick. Lastly, Isagi comments that his goal was crazy. After boosting their confidence, Team Z huddles up and declares to one another that they would meet again after the first stage.

After a few minutes, Isagi enters the first gate. Behind him, Bachira waves him goodbye. As he moves forward, Isagi remarks that he wants to become stronger. While doing so, he stumbles in a square room surrounded by several panels. Suddenly, one of the panels opens, revealing a ball. Isagi receives the ball; however, he is still confused about the current situation. Surprisingly, an unknown hologram appears in front of him. Isagi sees this and wonders what lies ahead in the first stage of the Second Selection.

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Chapter Notes

  • The second selection will have 5 stages.
  • Only those who have cleared all of the 5 stages are eligible to survive the second selection.
  • Players must enter individually in the gate towards the second selection.
  • The first player to enter the second selection was Rin Itoshi.
  • Igaguri confuses Rin Itoshi with Sae Itoshi since both of them had similar last names.
  • Team Z decides on who goes first in the second selection by playing rock-paper-scissors.
  • From Team Z, Isagi was the first to partake in the second selection.
  • The first stage occurs in a square room filled with panels. Each of the panels can open and reveal a ball.
  • A Blue Lock man [hologram] also appeared in the square room.

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