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Headliner (ヘッドライナー, Heddorainā) is the 122nd chapter of the Blue Lock manga series.

Short Summary

The sportscaster and commentator comment on the surprise end of the first half of the match while they anticipate the second half of the game. Some of the parents of the Blue Lock Eleven are gathered in the stadium and some meet each other.

The JFA president bullies the U-20 coach into making sure the match is won, no matter the cost while the Japan U-20 despair and figure out what they are going to do. Sae Itoshi announces his departure for he has satisfied himself and finished what he came to do. Before he leaves Oliver Aiku asks him to stay and play because the Japan U-20 still has a chance, they still have a player they can use.

The JFA president tells the U-20 coach to sub in the Blue Lock player handpicked by Sae Itoshi. Winning is their top priority and must be done at any cost. At the same time Ryusei Shidou is gearing up to play in the match with Sae agreeing to stay and cause havoc with Shidou for they will become the headliners.

Long Summary

Atsuto Tereasa exclaims in shock at the unpredictable ending of the first half with Blue Lock in the lead, 1-2. Tereasa asks for Harutarou Natsuki's opinion and Natsuki replies that Blue Lock is amazing; they are a team never before seen in Japanese football but are on even in terms of skill with the Japan U-20. Tereasa agress with Natsuki and also notes that if the second half ends in a tie, the game will end in a draw. There will be no penalty kicks or extra time.

Yuu Bachira shouting from the stands

Yoichi Isagi and Meguru Bachira are dancing on the field and Isagi's parents, Iyo Isagi and Issei Isagi point out their son to another in the stadium. Iyo proclaims the match amazing and how amazing it is that her son is on the starting lineup along with his team winning the game. Just then, Bachira's mother Yuu Bachira screams out to her son saying he can do more because isn't he a striker. She apologizes to the shocked people in the stand for her outburst and Isagi's parents note their son to her. Yuu tells them her son is out there and they introduce each other. Yuu thanks Isagi's parents for their son playing football with Bachira and Iyo says of course that it is a given since they are both football players. Yuu clarifys and says she feels this is the first time she has seen Bachira have so much fun playing football. Hyoma Chigiri is drinking water on the field when he is called out by his older sister who is with his mother. His mother is taking a picture of Chigiri and he is shocked. Tabito Karasu and Eita Otoya notice Chigir's famiily and point out how cute and identical his family is.

The Blue Lock Eleven walk into the stadium and the Japan U-20 stand on the field exhausted and frustrated. Inside the stadium, Yasumori Houichi is being assaulted by Hirotoshi Buratsuta who is pissed at the results of the first half of the game. He asks the U-20 coach what is going on and reminds him he told him to win, no matter what. Buratsuta evens notes that they have Sae Itoshi and reminds the coach of the importance of the match. Houichi rebuttals saying the opposition ended up being trickier than expected. Buratsuta says he isn't asking for excuses, he is asking for results. To win is to be just and to lose to be at fault. He plans to win with Sae Itoshi as the star player of the U-20 and they will become the justice of Japanese football. Buratsuta tells the coach to crush Blue Lock no matter what and the coach responds understanding his job.

The Japan U-20 sit tired in their locker room with some of the auxiliary players conversing among themselves. Teppei Neru exclaims frustration and Haru Hayate expresses surprise at the results of the first half. Kazuma Niou asks what the team should do in the second half and Shuto Sendo expresses despair at his inability to score a goal and change the results of the first half. Just then, Sae walks in the locker and Niou notes Sae's good timing. Niou notes that the team is about to discuss their strategy for the second half and Teru Kitsunezato adds their defense was really strong at the end of the first half, especially when they attacked in numbers. Sae clearly and calmly states he is leaving. Niou and Neru are shocked at his nonchalant attitude; Hayate asks how the team is suppose to get anywhere without Sae and Sae says that he doesn't care. All he did was take on Oliver Aiku's bet. "What will he bring out in the Japan U-20?" Sae proclaims this match so far is the result of fighting their way. Sae notes the team was too defective to begin with and that is the reality. Sae says he was really only interested in Blue Lock from the beginning; while their football is a little rough around the edges, the football they play and the dream they are aiming for is much different from the U-20. Sae has seen what he came to see and is satisfied, so he is leaving.

Oliver trying to stop Sae from leaving the game.

Oliver asks Sae to wait and apologizes to everyone for have taken such a selfish bet on them. He wanted to test their current strength and wanted to know where he currently stood; in his mind he thinks now he knows, he knows so much that it hurts. He proclaims that they are weak and at this rate Blue Lock will hijack the team and they will disappear into history. This is the first time Aiku has ever felt so weak in his life and Sae notes it's too late to do anything about it; but Aiku notes that there is still one chance, they still have their demon. Back under the stadium, Houichi asks what can be done because he has no idea what to do and Buratsuta calls him an idiot saying anything can be done as long as they win. Buratsuta tell him to play their number 13. Houichi asks if Buratsuta is sure because using him is equal to acknowledging Jinpachi Ego's philosophy and the JFA President tells the U-20 coach to shut up and sub him in. It will be better than losing this match due to the coach's incompetence. Buratsuta tells him to sub in the hired gun picked by Sae Itoshi, Ryusei Shidou, who is already fitted in a U-20 uniform, ready to go. Shidou asks if he is enough for Sae to stay and play some more. Sae compliments Oliver's plan and calls him clever. Sae decides to stay and proclaims him and Shidou will become the headliners of the match.

Chapter Notes

  • The Blue Lock Eleven are noted to be even in terms of skill to the Japan U-20, who have Sae Itoshi on their side.
  • If the second half ends in a tie, the game will end in a draw.
  • Isagi's parents are officially named.
  • Bachira's mother is officially named.
  • Chigir's older sister and mother make their debut appearance.
  • Buratsuta bullies Houichi into doing whatever it takes to win the match.
  • Sae announces his departure for he has got what he came for and is satisfied.
  • Sae notes the Blue Lock players are unrefined but are different from the Japan U-20.
  • Oliver asks Sae to wait and continue playing for they will use their ace in the hole.
  • Ryusei Shidou gears up to be subbed in for the second half and Sae decides to stay the rest of the game.

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