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Signal (合図 (スイッチ) Suitchi?) is the 12th chapter of Blue Lock manga series.

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Long Summary

In the middle of the heated game, Isagi realizes that he was wrong. Not just mistaken, the whole Team Z was tricked. Isagi learned that it wasn't Okawa who they need to keep watch of. Instead, it was Niko pulling all the shots for Team Y. The core of Team Y was Niko, not Okawa. Niko has been maintaining Team Y's defensive and offensive stability. Niko has been Team Y's secret leader. This shocking information led Isagi to the decision that he must put a stop to Niko. Bachira passes the ball to Isagi drives the ball towards the goal to score. Before the ball reaches the net, Niko stops it. Luckily, Gagamaru rebounds the ball.

In the court, Niko reveals to Isagi that if it weren't for him, Okawa would have scored his second goal. If that had happened, Team Y would have already won. Niko also tells Isagi that they have the very same eyes, but Isagi cannot win against him. According to Niko, he is in control of the game right now.  

Isagi stops the pass coming from Niko

The game resumes with Naruhaya in possession of the ball. The ball, however, was stolen from him. A player from Team Y, in possession of the ball, passes the ball towards Niko. However, Isagi saw this pass coming and stopped it from coming to Niko. Isagi declares that he will catch every pass heading Niko's way. Niko finds this annoying. Niko then strikes a conversation with Isagi. He reminisces Ego's words about each player having a weapon. Niko then tells Isagi that his weapon is his eye for knowing exactly where on the field he must be. Though he may not be strong and fast, Niko believes that his weapon is enough to secure his position in Blue Lock. Even if Isagi attempts to stop him, Niko knows that Isagi cannot stop his planning.

Several minutes have passed, and only a minute is left before the game comes to an end. Niko tells Isagi that it is almost time for Team Y's last resort. To prepare for any instance of a tie, Team Y made a defensive revenge tactic. The signal for this is when Okawa takes possession of the ball. Also, unlike in the previous plays, every member of Team Y will attack with everything they got.  

Chapter Notes

  • Team Y's secret leader is Niko, not Okawa.
  • Gagamaru scored a goal, earning Team Z a score.
  • Niko tells Isagi that they have the very same eyes.
  • The score is currently tied.
  • To avoid a tie, Team Y's last resort will require every member to attack.

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