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Sae Itoshi (糸師 冴, Itoshi Sae) is the 115th chapter of the Blue Lock manga series.

Short Summary

As the sportscaster announces the possession of the ball by Sae, Sae makes his way down the field when he is met Chigiri. Sae immediately passes the ball into the hands of the Japan U-20 forwards. Blue Lock mounts their defense but it provides little resistance as Sae sets up one opportunity after another for the Japan U-20 to score. After Sendo's shot gets blocked Sae decides to scoop up the ball and shoot himself, scoring the first point of the match. Shocked by the abilities of the genius of Japan, Isagi thinks that nobody is even paying attention to them as they are the matches villains. Rin tells Isagi to not get caught up in the madness and to just follow him.

Long Summary

Sportcaster Tereasa Atsuto exclaims the new possession by Sae Itoshi and the crowd goes wild with excitement. As Sae runs down the midfield he is met by Hyoma Chigiri who immediately marks him. Chigiri notes in his head that the Blue Lock Eleven have a defensive strategy set up for the Japan U-20's counter attacks; as Meguru Bachira moves further up the field to assist in the attack, Chigiri falls back to reinforce the defensive line with his speed. Its a system where Blue Lock balances the offense and defense of both players and with his speed Chigiri plans to stop Sae. Just then, Sae kicks the ball up and over Chigiri in an instant sending a long distance pass, with low height and medium speed right into the hands of Kento Chou, who calls the pass superb. Jyubei Aryu immediately marks Chou and plans to stop him with his height but Chou passes to Teru Kitsunezato.

Kitsunezato thanks Chou for the pass and comments that the basics of counter attacks is all about not wasting time and moving ahead but Tabito Karasu marks him. Karasu states that this is nothing that Blue Lock didn't foresee and confused by the statement Kitsunezato says that the same goes for the Japan U-20, as Sae runs into the gap created in the center and scoops up the ball sent by Kitsunezato. Karasu notices Sae is only midrange from the goal post and that the Japan U-20's offense starts and ends with him. Karasu also realizes a quick counter attack is what the U-20 was aiming for and he calls out to Niko to cover the gap. Niko marks Sae as he plans to stall for time so Chigiri has time to dash down the field and pressure Sae from behind. In a 2v1 situation, Niko and Chigiri think they have Sae neutralized but with one swift glance and one swift movement, Sae chips the ball up and over the gap between Niko and Chigiri, right into the hands of Shuto Sendo, who is completely open for a goal. Chigiri is surprised by Sae's apparent foresight and as Sendo traps the ball and shoots Gin Gagamaru reacts to the ball, focusing on his reflexes, allowing him to swat the ball away to the side. Sendo is surprised by the save and Chigiri comments on the play but Gagamaru reminds his team that the ball is still in play. Even worse, the ball is closest to Sae who is already running for the ball on the wing. As Chigiri runs to mark Sae before he can pass the ball, he tells the field to watch for a pass to the center and Blue Lock thinks that from the angle so far up the wing, Sae can't make a guaranteed shot. Just then, Sae once again takes a glance at the whole field and motions into another lob pass when he strongly shoots the ball up and over Gagamaru right into the opposite corner of the goal, surprising everyone. The ball cleanly hits the net and the crowd goes absolutely wild as Sae is the first person to score in this match. The Japan U-20 takes the lead with the score now 1-0.

Yoichi Isagi stands shocked at the play that just took place calling it amazing. Isagi notes that Sae performed a perfect line drive shot from so far up the wing and the goal was like a spit in the face to all who were waiting for the ball to come to the center. If you take into account Sae's earlier actions, his capabilities seem absurd; Isagi finally sees the genius that the entirety of Japan has been waiting for, in action. The crowd begins chanting Sae's name and Isagi realizes that Sae is the main actor of this game and Blue Lock are just the weekly villains in the way. The JFA president, Hirotoshi Buratsuta and his fellow executives look upon the game giddy and Isagi thinks that nobody is even looking at them. Just then, Rin Itoshi tells Isagi not to get swept up in the all the madness and all he has to do is look at Rin. Rin says with certainty that in 90 minutes he will turn all those heartfelt cheers into screams of anguish.

Chapter Notes

  • Sae Itoshi effortlessly coordinates the Japan U-20 counter attack
  • Sae scores the first goal of the match
  • The score is now 1-0, with the Japan U-20 in the lead

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