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Big Stage (大舞台, Daibutai) is the 112th chapter of the Blue Lock manga series.

Short Summary

The Blue Lock Eleven ready themselves in the locker room while Ego walks in and announces the members on Blue Lock's bench. Ego stirs his team with a speech and then they leave out immediately meeting the Japan U-20. The two teams greet themselves and they walk onto the massive field about to begin the game. Isagi thinks about how far he has come since entering Blue Lock and gets excited for the game as the match begins.

Long Summary

It is the fateful day where Team Blue Lock versus the Japan U-20. Tabito Karasu is massaging his shoulder, Eita Otoya is tying his shoe while Yoichi Isagi stands there, ready in his Blue Lock uniform. Meguru Bachira walks up to Isagi and asks how does he look and Isagi responds that he looks good but it feels weird wearing official uniforms after so much time in Blue Lock. Bachira agrees and says its about time, while Hyoma Chigiri adds that they've come so far, about to be play against the Japan U-20. Seishiro Nagi also adds that today will not be their end because they are just getting started. Just then, Jinpachi Ego walks in announcing he is a bit late but it was for a reason, he has decided on Blue Lock's twelve possible substitution members. They include Jingo Raichi, Reo Mikage, Shoei Baro, Aoshi Tokimitsu, Yo Hiori, Nijiro Nanase, Zantetsu Tsurugi, and Gurimu Igarashi. Ego adds they are allowed three substitutions so they should not let their guard down during the match and be ready at any moment. Ego continues by saying, that in the past two weeks they have successfully come together as a team with the sole objective of winning this match. The world does not yet know any of them and Ego asks "Is this not the ultimate stage?" He looks onto his players and confirms that in the next 90 minutes they will change their fates by winning and by carving their egos into the world today.

This speech hypes up all the players and they begin to walk out the locker room immediately running into the Japan U-20 Eleven. The Japan U-20 point out their opponents and Blue Lock lines up parallel to the Japan U-20. Rin Itoshi is in the front of the Blue Lock lineup parallel to Sae Itoshi on the Japan U-20 lineup. Rin gives his brother a glare but Sae does not even notice as he cracks his neck. Karasu notes his excitement and Otoya states his mutual excitement. Kenyu Yukimiya says that this feeling they all have doesn't feel that bad while Jyubei Aryu notes he is trembling with style. Gin Gagamaru casually asks the Japan U-20 goalkeeper, Gen Fukaku if today is his first time playing goalkeeper as well. Oliver Aiku lined up next to Isagi, asks if Shidou use to be on Blue Lock's team and apologizes for he will not be playing today. Aiku states that the Japan U-20 will end this without Blue Lock scoring even once so he wishes them luck. Isagi says okay to Aiku's entire statement and readies himself.

Isagi thinks that if he loses this match it will be the end of his football career. It's only because of everything he has lived through that he is able to stand on such a grand stage. The two teams begin to walk out onto the field and upon the doors opening Isagi sees a massive field and stadium field to the brim with spectators, lights, and equipment. Isagi is absolutely stunned as fans cheer the words "Japan" and "Sae Itoshi". High in the stands, sportscaster Tereasa Atsuto greets Japan and asks if they are all tuned into this match of the ages. Atsuto asks what football commentator, Natsuki Harutarou, thinks of things. Harutarou says things are absolutely crazy but it's okay because Sae Itoshi, the man the whole world has their eyes on, is about to play. Atsuto announces the showing of the formations for both teams and he states his expectance of Sae being the Japan U-20 offensive midfielder. Atsuto also notes that the match is brought directly to everybody from the Blue Lock stadium and the starting kick-off will begin soon.

Isagi looks on in disbelief as he stands on the pitch in the center of a massive stadium filled to the brim with fans and spectators. He notes he has come a long way and wonders how much he will be able to fight. He stops himself and then realize it doesn't matter because he needs to focus on himself so he can immerse himself. Just then Rin slaps Isagi's back calling his state of being lukewarm and asks why he is getting nervous. Isagi responds by saying he is just excited is all. With the stadium filled and the players ready, the match begins.

Chapter Notes

  • Ego finalizes the roster and gives his team a speech.
  • The Japan U-20 and Blue Lock finally meet.
  • Rin and Sae reunite after years apart.
  • Aiku tells Isagi that Blue Lock will lose the match.
  • The Japan National Representative match finally begins.

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