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"I'll Be The Next 9!" Tactic ( (つぎ) (おれ) 9 (ナイン) (さく) (せん) Tsugi ore 9 sakusen?) is the 10th chapter of Blue Lock manga series.

Short Summary

Long Summary

First Selection Update

Anri Teieri, with Ego, appears on the screen reporting the loss of Team X to Team W. The match ended with a score of 4-1.

Team Y vs Team Z

Hibiki Okawa

Kuon tells Team Z that Team Y is in a similar situation with them. Like Team Z, if Team Y loses, they will be up for elimination and unable to recover. Also, Kuon warns the team to watch out for Hibiki Okawa, rank 254.  

For this match, Team Z will be using the "I'm the next 9" strategy. There will be a rotation for the players performing as forward. To fully grasp the potential of each members' weapons, every member of Team Z must support the main forward and wait for their turn. Chigiri, however, asks to remain in the defensive. He shows no interest in being in the offensive. Because of this, each player will have 10 minutes to exhibit their weapon.

Niko steals the ball from Bachira

The first forward of Team Z is Bachira. Bachira easily broke through by himself using his super-solo strategy. Nonetheless, Bachira was caught unprepared when Niko stole the ball from behind. Isagi remarks that, like Team Z, Team Y has its own strategies.

After a few minutes, Bachira tries once more, but 10 minutes have already passed. The next striker is Kunigami. Kunigami's weapon, however, relies on his teammates to bring the ball to his zone while he focuses on staying unmarked. Fortunately, a teammate passes the ball to Kunigami. Kunigami kicks the ball, hoping to score, but was blocked by two players from Team Y. The ball continues to be stolen from one team to the other.

While playing, Isagi noticed that Okawa has not been moving for some time. Then, suddenly, Okawa moved. Apparently, Okawa was precisely waiting for the right time to attack. Isagi concluded that Team Z was able to attack only because Team Y allowed them to attack. All this time, Okawa was waiting for Niko to give him a signal to attack.

Chapter Notes

  • (In an announcement from Ego) Team X loss to Team W.
  • During Bachira's 10 minutes, there was no changes in the score of both teams.
  • Apparently, Team Y was allowing Team Z to attack.
  • Okawa and Niko will make there offensive attack soon.



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