Blue Lock Wiki

The Blue Lock Project (青い監獄 (ブルーロック) プロジェクト Burū Rokku Purojekuto?) or Player Improvement Project is a special football project funded by the Japanese Football Union with the goal to develop not only the best striker in the world but a hero for Japan to follow using Jinpachi Ego's extreme training regimens and coaching.


Dormitory Test: Oni Pretend (入寮テスト「オニごっこ」)

- The entrance exam to Blue Lock wherein the 300 participants are divided into 25 groups of 12 people and every 12 people are held in a large room and the last person who is hit with the football by the end of 136 seconds in a game of tag is disqualified. Once that person is eliminated the remaining, 11 people form a "team" and proceed to the next selection.

First Selection: Round-robin Group League Match (一次選考「総当たりグループリーグマッチ」)

- Twenty-five teams are divided into five team groups to perform a round-robin tournament, the top two teams of each group will survive and move on, and the remaining three teams of the group are disqualified and forced out. However, the top strikers of each of the three teams disqualified get to survive as well.

Second Selection: Rivalry Battle (二次選考「奪敵決戦 (ライバルリー・バトル) 」)

- A player battle selection broken into 5 stages

  • 1st Stage: The artificial intelligence hologram GK [BLUE LOCK MAN system] is introduced, and it is necessary for players to achieve 100 goals in 90 minutes alone against the hologram goalkeeper. The difficulty of this stage adjusts as increases as the number of goals scored increases, and there are stages from "Lv.1," "Lv.2," to "Lv.MAX." Only those who have cleared this stage can proceed to the 2nd stage.
  • 2nd Stage: Those who have cleared the first stage, now must divide into teams of three and battle other teams in 3v3 game to 5 in the 3rd Stage. Teams that lose in the 3rd Stage come back to the 2nd stage to face off in a 2v2 game where one person is eliminated from Blue Lock.
  • 3rd Stage: Those who have cleared the second stage, must now face off against each other in a 3v3 game to 5. The winners get to steal a player from the losing team and move on to the 4th stage.
  • 4th Stage: Those who have cleared the the third stage, must now face off against each other in a 4v4 game to 5. The winners get to steal a player from the losing team and they clear the Second Selection by having 5 players.
  • 5th Stage: Once the team of 5 is assembled they become a Clear Team and move on the last stage of the Selection, a 5v5 game against 5 of the world's best football players. Winning is not a necessity, only participation.