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The Blue Lock Project or Player Improvement Project is a project conducted to have the best striker in Japan using Ego's coaching and regimen.


Dormitory Test: Oni Pretend (入寮テスト「オニごっこ」)

- The first selection wherein the 300 participants were divided into 25 teams and 12 people. Every 12 people are held at a large room and the last person who was hit by the end of 136 seconds is disqualified. Excluding one disqualified person, 11 people form a "team" and proceed to the next selection.

First Selection: Round-robin Group League Match (一次選考「総当たりグループリーグマッチ」)

- Twenty-five teams are divided into five teams to perform a round-robin match, the top two teams will survive, and the remaining three teams are disqualified and forced out. However, only the most scoring king of the three teams lost in the resurrection slot can win.

Second Selection: Rivalry Battle (二次選考「奪敵決戦(ライバルリー・バトル)」)

Note: Under construction. To be finished before February 10, 2021

- It consists of five stages.

  • 1st Stage: The artificial intelligence hologram GK [BLUE LOCK MAN system] has been introduced, and it is necessary for one person to achieve 100 goals in 90 minutes against the hologram goalkeeper. The level increases as the number of goals increases, and there are stages from "Lv.1," "Lv.2," to "Lv.MAX." Only those who have cleared can proceed to the 2nd stage.
  • 2nd Stage: Those who have cleared the first stage, now must divide into teams of three and battle other teams. The winners have to choose one player from the losers' team and continue playing against others until they have five people. The losers have to either get another person by beating someone else, or only one survives. This stage resulted in having seven final Clear Teams, from which top six players were picked.
  • 3rd Stage: From the seven Clear Teams six best players were picked, in order: Itoshi Rin, Shidou Ryuusei, Karasu Tabito, Otoya Eita, Yukimiya Kenyu and Nagi Seishiro, who were divided into three teams, A (Itoshi and Shidou), B (Karasu and Otoya) and C (Yukimiya and Nagi). The remaining 29 players were granted an opportunity to choose the team they would like to play with, to then be randomly chosen for a match against some other team.