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The Blue Lock Eleven (ブルーロックイレブン, Burū Rokku Irebun?) are the official starting lineup for Blue Lock and make their debut at the Japan U20 match. The lineup was made for the sole purpose of defeating the Japan U-20 team in an effort to keep the Blue Lock Project alive and to completely take over the Japan National team afterwards.


The starting lineup consist of 5 of the Top 6 players Jinpachi Ego hand picked out of the 35 forwards remaining and 6 players whose abilities compliment, supplement, and can surpass that of the Top 6. The Blue Lock Eleven were hand picked by Ego after the Third Selection and he admits he chose a team that would be centered around Blue Lock's star player, Rin Itoshi and was hyper aggressive; so even if some Blue Lock players were more skilled than the ones chosen they didn't make the cut because of compatibility and utility issues. Ego admits creating this team was extremely difficult.


The Blue Lock Eleven wear the official Blue Lock jersey and shorts. The jersey is light blue almost purple in the torso, stomach area, and bottom of the arms. The top of the arm sleeves are dark blue along with a collar that has diagnal dark blue lines under it. The players number is on the front and back in dark blue, the clothing brand logo is on the left breast of the shirt, and the Blue Lock logo is located on the left sleeve in white. The shorts are dark blue with the players number at the ends of them in light blue. The socks follow a similar pattern to the jersey and their cleats are blue.



The Blue Lock Eleven are a team made up entirely of strikers. Because of this, they are all goal hungry, trying to prove their worth on the field constantly. As Ego states, this team is meant to be hyper aggressive, taking full advantage of every players capabilities, designed to continuously pressure the opposition in offense and defense.

The offense consist of Rin Itoshi, Yoichi Isagi, Seishiro Nagi, Eita Otoya, and Kenyu Yukimiya. Rin, Nagi, Otoya, and Kenyu act as the main scorers while Isagi takes on more of a playmaker role. He supports the strikers by giving them opportunities as a decoy and expanding their options by expanding his own; all while trying to steal goals for himself.

At the center of the field lies Tabito Karasu who acts as an offensive and defensive player constantly. With his analytical ability he leads the defense against opposition and assists the offense in making plays that breakthrough the enemies defense.

At the bottom of the field is Blue Lock's counterattackers, Meguru Bachira and Hyoma Chigiri. When the team is on offense they move up to the top of the field increasing the number of players the opposition must defend against and create ideal plays with their abilities making it easier for top scorers to shoot. When on the defensive, Bachira stays up top just in case the ball makes it back up the field and Chigiri goes back down to become a super fast defender that can oppose almost anybody.

Blue Lock's defenders, Ikki Niko and Jyubei Aryu act as gatekeepers to the goal while Gin Gagamaru plays as the goalie. When in sync, Niko intercepts all passes and shots taken from his side either stealing the ball or controlling the path the ball takes making it easier for Gagamaru to block. Aryu acts as a second goal keeper backing up Gagamaru in any blocks he attempts.

When Blue Lock loses one of its original lineup, Yo Hiori is able to replace them playing either as an offensive wing who starts key plays or as a defensive sideback that allows the offense to run for goals. His versatility and analytical ability allows for him to be very effective and vary Blue Lock's formation.

When a defensive player must be replaced, Reo Mikage is able to take their place. Because he is a substitute player Reo can watch and analyze all the players on the field from the stands and when sent onto the field he is able to utilize his copy abilities to full effect, copying both the opponent and his own team, as shown in the Japan National Representative Match.

When an offensive player must be replaced or Blue Lock needs to change their offensive formation Shoei Baro is sent in. Baro's self centered play style and irregular plays are able to confuse and break down the enemy defense while also charging in to steals passes and goals from his teammates. His illogical play style has a similar effect to Ryusei Shidou and his high offensive capabilities give the offensive formation an exponential boost.

In the first half of the National Representative match, the Blue Lock Eleven's skill seems to surpass that of the Japan U-20 and they even manage to lead at the end of the first half. Natsuki comments they are even in skill when Sae Itoshi is on the Japan U-20 but when Ryusei Shidou is subbed in, Blue Lock is pressured by the U-20's new offensive capabilities.