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My greatest weapon is I can fly across the pitch!
— Naruhaya to Team Z, [1]

Asahi Naruhaya (成早 朝日, Naruhaya Asahi?) is a former member of Team Z.


Naruhaya has fluffy blonde hair with darker, round eyebrows and long eyelashes.




  • False 9:A false nine is a player who appears to be playing as a centre-forward (traditionally in a number nine shirt), but drops deep or pulls wide disrupting the opposing team's marking. Usually the centre-forward will be marked by one of the centre-backs but the false nine will often move away into a neutral area causing a dilemma as to whether the centre-back follows (isolating himself from the other centre-back) or stays where he is, making himself redundant. Asahi is extremely good at disrupting the opponent's formations with his clever off-ball movements


  • Off-Ball Movement:Like Yoichi Isagi, Asahi uses off-ball movement. However, Asahi seems to be much more experienced and skilled with this ability. He uses this skill to break defensive formation and has keen analytical ability, using the skill in the right place at the right time. He is also good at moving in other player's blind spots and can get past even Isagi with the skill.



  • The name Asahi means "morning" (朝) (asa) and "sun, day" (日) (hi).
  • Asahi's surname Naruhaya means "become" (成) (naru) and "already, now, fast, early" (早) (haya).


  • According to the official twitter: [2]
  • Asahi is the youngest of team Z.
  • Asahi believes that the best way to spend a holiday would be doing part-time jobs.
  • Asahi would not buy impulsively at a convenience store.
  • Asahi has no parents, but he has 1 older sister, 2 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers.
  • Asahi's hobby is cooking.
  • Asahi's hometown is Kagawa Prefecture.
  • Asahi's favorite soccer player are Michael Owen and Sergio Agüero.
  • Asahi's favorite band is King Gnu.
  • Asahi's good subjects are physical education and history.
  • Asahi's favorite food is grapefruit.
  • Asahi's favorite color is white.
  • If it is Asahi's last day on Earth, he will eat beef stew with his family.
  • He started playing football at the age of 5.


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