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Just looking at those techniques, he's already among the best in Japan
— Teieri, [1]

Anri Teieri (帝襟 アンリ, Teieri Anri) is a new member of the Japan Football Association. It was originally her idea and strong recommendation to the JFA to create the ultimate forward with the Blue Lock Project.


Anri has neck-length brown hair that has two braids tied on either side in the back with square bangs hanging on the left side and chocolate-brown eyes.

She usually wears a secretary-like outfit but in cover pages and color spreads she is seen in more skimpy outfits that show off her body.


Anri is calm but a very determined woman whose biggest dream is to see Japan win the World Cup. Anri is passionate when it comes to football. Although the majority in the Japan Football Association ridiculed her and treat her as nothing more than a woman with big dreams and a big chest, she sticks to her goals and visions. She also speaks her mind, unaffected by the business-minded Japan Football Association ideologies. [2]


Jinpachi Ego [3]

Anri was the one to introduce Ego to the Japan Football Association. Anri suggested for Ego to be the coach of the players of Blue Lock. With all of the 300 players invited joining Blue Lock, Anri tells Ego that she will follow all his requests and demands. Anri holds Ego in high regard, leaving the future of Japan's football in his hands. [4]

Yoichi Isagi [5]

Anri and Isagi first met when Anri was distributing the uniforms. Along with the clothes, Anri was also the one who explained to the players their specified rooms. [6]


  • The name Anri means, "gentle and crystal."
  • Anri's surname Teirei means (帝) (tei) "emperor" and (襟) (rei) "collar, neck, lapel."


  • Anri has a similar sounding name to the french football player Thierry Henry.
  • Anri's hobby is watching soccer.
  • Anri's least favorite food is sea cucumber.
  • Anri's favorite food is Country Ma'am (cookies).
  • Anri would buy Oden egg at a convenience store.
  • Anri's three sizes are: Bust 88 cm, waist 57 cm, hip 84 cm.
  • She is not good at home economics (cooking).



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